Jewish heritage

Holocaust Exposition

Establishers of the Holocaust exposition called “The Catastrophe” have raised a question: “What did it mean to be a Jew in 1941-1944 in Lithuania?“. The answer can be found in the Holocaust exposition in Vilnius which tells about the life in Lithuania of Jew national minority since their arrival until their tragic ruin in the middle of 20th century.

Tolerance Center

One of the most important departments of Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum in Lithuania is the Tolerance center in Vilnius. The name of the center tells volumes for its` main purpose to spread tolerance, comprehension, sensibility and other values in a society.

Paneriai Memorial Museum

Paneriai Memorial Museum is a subsidiary of National Vilnius Gaon Jewish Museum. It is located just 16 kilometers from Vilnius city center. It is a little building standing in the same place where Soviets decided to establish a military base during the Second World War. 7 deep potholes were prepared for stores of liquid fuel there. The same potholes, however, were used for other purposes by Nazis.

The Ninth Fort

Some terrible historical facts will never be forgotten. Genocide case implemented by Nazi was one of the most brutal criminal actions against humanity. Sadly, it was not a unique and the first such case in history, there are several nations in the world that faced this horror. However, the international Jewish genocide was the largest ever and took approximately 11 million victims. The most significant monument of genocide in Lithuania is the Ninth fort in Kaunas.

National Vilnius Gaon Jewish Museum

The National  Vilnius Gaon  Jewish Museum is an institution which cherishes Jewish culture and history in Lithuania for a long time already. It includes several subdivisions, working now of which are the Holocaust exposition in Vilnius, the Memorial Paneriai Museum and two centers of Tolerance in Vilnius. Visitors there are able to get acquainted with the tough history and cultural aspects of Jewish nation.

Kaunas Fortress

Kaunas Fortress is a valuable military heritage object composed of number of buildings that used to be a military complex. However, the complex has been derelict for many years. Only in 2005 it was included into list of public knowledge and usage by Ministry of Culture. Tourism operators got interested in Kaunas Fortress in 2000.

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