Vaiduokliai (Ghosts)

Vaiduokliai (Ghosts) (Ghosts) team organizes extreem exursions for groups of 6 and more people at a night time in Vilnius and nearby surroundings. Many different themes of night walks to choose from are available - some romantic, others - scary, full of  fear, adrenaline and adventures or educative information. Excursions and adventure games are arranged for groups of various size.

Survival Drama at a Soviet Bunker

Survival Drama at a Soviet BunkerSurvival Drama in a Soviet Bunker is an attraction for groups of 10 and more people which has widely resounded in all over the World.


Irklakojis WindsledgeIrklakojis team in Nida is providing a really great variety of activities - they are not short in imagination thus an unforgetable time is guaranteed for everyone.

Montis Magia

Montis Magia climbingMontis Magia team works with the real passion for mountains and climbing sport. Despite the fact that in Lithuania there are no such natural mountains that are worth to be climbed into, but the Montis Magia team created an imitative infrastructure of eternal climbing paradice.

Nemenčinė Karting Track

Nemenčinė Karting TrackNemenčinė Karting Track is the karting track inside the building where drivers` results are measured with proffesional time measurement devices. The length of track is 350 meters, width 3-6 meters. The track includes 6 turns. Children lower that 140 cm are not allowed to drive. Kartings of 9 AG class with internal combustion are waiting to be driven here.

Kumečiai Karting Track

Karting TrackKumečiai Karting Track is the inside entertainment for adrenaline and speed fanatics. Although it is only 280 meters long, it includes 8 sharp turns that seem to be not quite easy to cope with.

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