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Spoil yourself in Lithuanian Spa centers where professional equipment, staff and cosmetic will help you to revitalize your skin, body and mind. Competitive prices in popular Lithuanian Spa resorts are undoubtedly the winners in European Spa industry. Spa in Druskininkai, Vilnius, Kaunas.

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FAQ Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Why Lithuania, as a pretty new player in the World market of medical tourism, is reliable, comfortable and worth to be chosen as a medical tourism destination?

- Lithuania is very flexible in order to penetrate into the market

- Lithuania offers many different places for health recovery, sightseeing and activities

- Lithuania is easy reachable – 3 international airports, small country, available to be driven by car across in a few hours

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Kaunas

Gintaras PapečkysOur partner – plastic surgeon Dr. Gintaras Papečkys

• More than 4500 operations, 20 years work experience
• Member of an International  Membership of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
• In 2000 has opened his own plastic surgery clinic „GP Klinika“, Zamenhofo str. 7, Kaunas

Dental Care and Surgery in Kaunas

Valdas LabanauskasOur partner  – dental surgeon, dentist and implantologist Dr. Valdas Labanauskas

• Specializes in implant prosthetics, veneers, all ceramic crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays.
• 12 years work experience
• Member of odontology association ''Concordia''

Plastic Surgery in Lithuania

Perfect bodyPlastic and cosmetic surgery in Lithuania is well appreciable as medical tourism in Lithuania has developed in recent decade significantly. Responses of patients from western countries that had medical treatment in Lithuania are very well.

Dental care & surgery in Lithuania

Medical tourism is highly valuated in Lithuania as Lithuania is a highly acceptable country for those who need dental care and surgery. The proportion of prices and quality of dental care and surgery services is particularly beneficent. It would be hard to find a better deal. There are many foreign visitors that are eager to grab the opportunity and to come back home well treated.

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