Famous buildings

The Green Bridge

If you are in Vilnius you will definitely have to cross Neris river going through one of Vilnius bridges. One of the most famous bridges is the Green Bridge (Žaliasis tiltas) which is well known for its Soviet sculptures decorating its ends.

The Pyramid of Merkinė

In the very South of Lithuania there is a village of Česukai (Varėna district). This place distinguishes in fantastic natural surroundings, marvelous views of Merkys river and an authentic building which is called the Pyramid of Merkinė. The building is famous for its miracle powers. According to hundreds of witnesses, half an hour inside the Pyramid makes big positive changes to physical and mental being.

The Gate of Dawn

The Gate of Dawn is one of the most important religious, historical and cultural monuments in Vilnius which is a tourism object of even cosmic religious importance. The Gate of Dawn is widely well known for the miracle painting of The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy  located in the Gate of Dawn chapel.

The Bastion of Vilnius Defensive Wall

A hill over Vilnius city called Barbakanas contains some masonry buildings. It is the former Vilnius defensive wall and the bastion. Nowadays used as a nice place to relax, have a rest or join nice friend companies, long time ago it was a place where trash and death flourished.

National Art Gallery

2009 is a year when Vilnius is honored to be the European culture capital so it is not a coincidence that the National Art Gallery was finally reconstructed and opened in 2009 the 19th of June. Lithuanians now might be proud about their new, modern and eclectic gallery where artworks of world famous artists of past and present are exposed.

Vilnius University

Vilnius University is the oldest and the largest university in Lithuania established in 1579. As for a long time it was the only one university in Lithuania, it influenced Lithuanian society a lot. Nowadays it includes 19 academic subdivisions, almost 3000 employees and more than 23700 students in total. The Vilnius University is one of the most important educational institutions in Lithuania which has operated for more than 400 years already.

Vilnius Town Hall

In the very center of Vilnius city on the crossing of 2 famous streets – Didžioji (The Great) Street and Vokiečių (Germans) Street, for almost 600 years the Vilnius Town Hall stands in the middle of Town Hall Square. Of course, it is not the same building first built in the 15th century, however, this location has always been important for massing cultural, political and public events.

Vilnius TV Tower

The highest building in Lithuania is the Vilnius TV tower. Whithersoever you are in Vilnius city, it can be seen almost from anywhere. It is not only a fascinating building, it is also an original device to implement various projects and also a particular symbol of Lithuanian independence.

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