Tamsta Music Festival

In 2010 July 30-31 there will be the second Tamsta Music festival held in Dzūkija region, Varėna city surroundings where a beautiful isle of „Dainų slėnis“ is located.  Hundreds of positive testimonials complimenting the first Tamsta Music Festival held in 2009 prove an unchallenged success of the second festival too.

Dzūkija bicycle tour, Marcinkonys surroundings (36 km)

Dzūkija bicycle tour mapThe course extends 27 kilometers. It runs through valley of Skroblus river where number of clear springs flow, where unique flora and fauna create a unique natural surroundings and a marvelous Bakanauskas swamps is here also located. The village of Margionys will be one of the most interesting stops odf the route as it is famous for its cultual traditions.

The Pyramid of Merkinė

In the very South of Lithuania there is a village of Česukai (Varėna district). This place distinguishes in fantastic natural surroundings, marvelous views of Merkys river and an authentic building which is called the Pyramid of Merkinė. The building is famous for its miracle powers. According to hundreds of witnesses, half an hour inside the Pyramid makes big positive changes to physical and mental being.


There is a well known sentence in Lithuania : “If not mushrooms, if not fruits,  girls in Dzūkija were nude”. And this thesis is not just a joke, for sure, Dzūkija is famous for its forests rich in goodies. The south western region of Lithuania between two main rivers in Lithunia – Nemunas and Neris , was called Dzūkija only in the 19th century sustaining the literature sources where the specific dialect was propagated.


If you want to see a city in a park, visit Alytus. It is the largest city in Southern Lithuania located between green forests and fields.  It is called the capital of Dzūkija  ethnographic region. In Alytus there live approximately 68000 inhabitants. The city occupies territory of 40 Alytus is divided into 2 parts separated by the largest Lithuanian river Nemunas. The bigger part of the city is located on the left shore of the river.

Dzūkija National Park

The largest preserved territory in Lithuania is the Dzūkija National Park. It occupies more than 58 thousand hectares and involves 4 municipalities in South of Lithuania. If you imagine the park as a boring pine wood full of mushrooms and berries where a few poor ecologic settlements are located then you are wrong. The Dzūkija National Park is an entire complex of tourism entertainments that allows visitors to enjoy many activities without spoiling nature.


Druskininkai is the largest and one of the most exciting resorts in Lithuania. The city is located in South  Lithuania,  120 km from the capital Vilnius and has 25.000 inhabitants. It is famous for its natural surroundings, undoubtedly effective treatment facilities, museums, architectural monuments of local importance and leisure time activities. Everyone who visits the resort is attracted by its highly developed servicing, friendly local inhabitants and healthy environment.

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