A perfect place to have a great rest in beautiful natural surroundings and quietness is a Šventoji resort located on the shore of Baltic sea.  Number of cosy cottages scattered in flavorful pinewoods, a fine net of sandy paths leading to the seaside and marvelous Lithuanian seaside  nature creates a perfect atmosphere for holiday.



Each summer more than 300000 tourists come to Nida from Lithuania and from other countries, especially from German. Nida is the biggest town in the Curonian Spit with approximately 1650 inhabitants. It is composed of 3 little settlements  - Nida, Skruzdynė and Purvynė as the old Nida was snowbouded by dune sands in 1675 and the local inhabitants were forced to settle further north.


Palanga is a resort famous for white sand beaches, marvellous dunes. It is the most universal resort in Lithuania where anyone can find a suitable way to have rest and fun. In 2010 summer, when all Europe suffered from terrible heat, Palanga resort became a place of salvation, like a promised land for many people from Lithuania and abroad, offering perfect weather temperature and a refreshing sea water.


Birštonas is a resort located in Southern Lithuania, 39 km from Kaunas. It is a small town (13 km2) with only approximately 3200 inhabitants. Its healthy environment and status of being a perfect place for unusual free time activities was already known in the 14th century when Lithuanian and foreign rulers used to stay there for hunting and rest. Harmonious and pure nature of Birštonas attracts people till nowadays.


Druskininkai is the largest and one of the most exciting resorts in Lithuania. The city is located in South  Lithuania,  120 km from the capital Vilnius and has 25.000 inhabitants. It is famous for its natural surroundings, undoubtedly effective treatment facilities, museums, architectural monuments of local importance and leisure time activities. Everyone who visits the resort is attracted by its highly developed servicing, friendly local inhabitants and healthy environment.

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