Concert Hall

Kaunas Sports Hall

Kaunas Sports HallKaunas Sports Hall is also known as Hall of S. Darius and S. Girėnas. The Hall was the first one built for basketball n Europe in 1939. Despite the fact that there were no heating and plumbing systems installed, The European Basketball Championship was here arranged where Lithuanians became European basketball champions for the second time.

Klaipėda Concert Hall

Klaipeda Concert HallIn a historical house of the rifle organization there is a Klaipėda Concert Hall established by Klaipėda Municipality. It is an independent concert organization which started its activities in 2005. The main purpose of Klaipėda Concert Hall is to develope the level of music and organize professional performances affordable for public.

Siemens Arena

Siemens ArenaSiemens Arena in Vilnius is a multifunctional place where everything - from private conferences to huge public world class performances and international sport competitions are held. Events, attracting thousands of visitors, are held there really often.

Šiauliai Arena

Šiauliai ArenaŠiauliai Arena is the multifunctional complex distinguishing in its shape, structure, architecture and working. The building of Šiauliai Arena is thought to be one of the most interesting ones in Šiauliai. It also became one of the most often used places for shows and events of the highest level to arrange in Šiauliai.

Cido Arena

Cido ArenaCido Arena is the first arena in Panevėžys which was built in order to arrange world class events. There are all conditions that satisfies international standards for entertainment or sport events to be held. In all Baltic states "Cido" arena is the only one including a professional world class bike track. It`s roof  (6700 sq.

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