National Opera and Ballet Theatre

National Opera and Ballet TheatreLithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre was found in 1920. Till nowadays it is a budgetary institution ruled by Ministry of Culture where performances of the best, world-class artists are held.

Klaipėda National Musical Theatre

National Klaipeda Musical TheatreThe National Klaipėda Musical Theatre is the one which is cherishing traditions of professional music art. In addition, it enables young talents to improve their skills.

National Drama Theatre

National Drama TheatreLithuanian National Drama Theatre is one of the most important theatres in Lithuania. The theatre represents spectacles of various genres and is working hard in order to popularize drama and to capacitate many talented actors and theatre directors to create, promote and satisfy the society with number of amazing performances.

Aladdin Casino

Aladdin CasinoAn exclusive casino in the very heart of Vilnius is the "Aladdin" casino belonging to the Olympic Casino group. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the casino welcomes people looking for their fortune.

National Kaunas Drama Theatre

National Kaunas Drama TheatreNational Kaunas Drama Theatre is dedicated to be the founder of professional theatre history in Lithuania. As well as the National Opera and Ballet theate, National Kaunas Drama Theatre was opened in 1920.

Hotel Navalis Restaurant

Navalis restaurantThe restaurant “Navalis” located in the central part of Klaipeda is recognized as one of the most stylish and elegant restaurants of the town. Every visit to this restaurant provides a unique possibility to open the gates into the world of cuisine together with the play of pleasant aroma and healthy natural food taste, revealing secrets and traditions of versatile cultures.


MeksikaAfter a visit at Meksika restaurant, you will definitely get acquainted with Mexican culture as you will be welcomed by a helpful owner of the restaurant who is also the head chef don Edmundo, his wife, and the rest friendly staff. Here, the staff not only will offer you great food and drinks, but also will recommend you where to spend  your time after or support you with any other help.


Inn555The Inn555 restaurant is unique for being located in an old factory that once was used for making radios during the pre-Soviet period. The historical theme is honored in the dining area with the open-brick walls that would have been visible in the days of line production. The bar also has polished steel look, which hints at the industrial.


Esse"Esse" restaurant is located at Gediminas Avenue 50 in Vilnius, next door  to bookstore "Vaga". The restaurant offers its` guests many delicious dishes and excellent "Esse" vines. Elegant environment and pleasant musical background creat an excellent atmosphere. In the restaurant dishes of European kitchen dominate.

Rytai (East)

Rytai restaurantRytai (East) is a chinese restaurant which was opend in 2003 near the main avenu in Vilnius. It is a marvelous place were chinese atmosphere is fully implemented. Guests may enjoy chinese food and environment in a pretty private spaces thus it is cosy and comfortable.

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