In Vino winery

In Vino NidaIn Vino -  a bohemian winery in Nida where wine, cosiness and naturalness are the points to consider. Here everyone are welcome – families, companies, old friends, youth...


Paparazzi bartendersPaparazzi is somewhere in a scale between cocktail bar and club. You‘ve got square bar all around  surrounded by seated clients and others standing trying to order a cocktail, bartenders jumping from one side to another. Menu gives you one of the best choices of cocktails in Vilnius. Walls give you a special feelings from photos of old movies (like De Niro „Taxi driver“ etc.).

Qi Anmo - Chinese Massage Salon

Chinese massageChinese massage technique called Qi Anmo not only helps to relax and gifts clients with pleasurable feelings, but also treats pains in back, legs, joints also beautifies skin and even eliminates pimples. Massage masters from China working here use only french cosmetics and modern technologies. Massages, manicure, pedicure, special face procedures here are available.

Matančios rankos (Seeing Hands)

Seeing Hands massage salonMassage salon "Matančios rankos" (Seeing Hands) is an exceptional place where only blind or partially sighted masseurs and masseuses work. They are all highly educated in massage techniques and have not less than 3 years work experience. They can see human body with their hands better than anyone else. Their careful, attentive touches make miracles.

East Island Exotic Massage Salon

East Island Exotic massageEast Island Exotic massage salon located in Vilnius Old town promisses everyone really exotic impressions and an unforgetable satisfaction. Clients of this salon are invited to abandon to pleasure, to rely on every touch of masseuse`s hands and let be taken to the highest point of relaxation.

Sphinx Casino

Sphynx CasinoEgyptian atmosphere, reminding of rich Pharaohs and their Empires welcomes every grown up to try catch their luck here at the Sphinx casino. 5 gambling tables for American roulette, Black Jack, Oasis pocker, 3-card pocker, Club pocker, 30 slot machines and 90 friendly and accomodating staff can make your dreams come true in just a few hours.

Klaipėda Concert Hall

Klaipeda Concert HallIn a historical house of the rifle organization there is a Klaipėda Concert Hall established by Klaipėda Municipality. It is an independent concert organization which started its activities in 2005. The main purpose of Klaipėda Concert Hall is to develope the level of music and organize professional performances affordable for public.

Europa (Europe) - Fashion and Style Center

Europe Fashion and Style CenterThe most stylich shopping center in Vilnius Europa (Europe) is lcoated very close to the center of Vilnius city. 82 stylish stores, comfortable free inside parking lot, cosy cafes and restaurants, useful service offices and modern, light and spacious interior leaves a very good impression.

Šiauliai Arena

Šiauliai ArenaŠiauliai Arena is the multifunctional complex distinguishing in its shape, structure, architecture and working. The building of Šiauliai Arena is thought to be one of the most interesting ones in Šiauliai. It also became one of the most often used places for shows and events of the highest level to arrange in Šiauliai.

Saulės miestas (The Sun City) Fashion and Leisure Center

"Saulės miestas" Fashion and Leisure CenterThe fashion and leisure center "Saulės miestas" is established in the Šiauliai city center, at the same building where the Šiauliai bus station is located. So, it is a good place to have rest and spend some time not only for local citizens, but for bypassers too.

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