Verkiai Palace

Lithuanians consider Verkiai Regional Park to be a legendary place of ancient pagans where famous magus Lizdeika was born. The magus is famous for prediction about  Vilnius city. In the Verkiai Regional park there is a Verkiai Palace located which is a famous neo classicism style building located on a steep of Neris river.

Biržai Castle

The Biržai castle is the best preserved bastion fort in Lithuania located in Biržai town, the North of Lithuania. It is a renaissance building which is a cultural and architectural monument.

Raudonė Castle

In a little Raudonė settlement located in Jurbarkas district, South western Lithuania, where only about 1880 inhabitants live, there is an outstanding historical monument standing. It is a beautiful Raudonė castle of Revival Style built there in the 16th century. The Raudonė castle is one of the most famous architectural structures in Jurbarkas district.

Medininkai castle

The largest castle of an enclosure type in Lithuania is the Medininkai castle located in Medininkai village, Vilnius district, 2 kilometers far from the board line with Belarus. According to archeologists, it was built in the period between late 13th century to the first quarter of 14th century. However, there are no historical documents proving that. So far many secrets surround the castle so many nowadays historians are vowed to explore them.

Klaipėda Castle

Klaipėda castle was the main unit in Klaipeda for centuries. It was the first building erected in the city which around other buildings and fieldworks were built. In 2002 a historical museum was opened in the castle. There are several expositions, telling visitors about the stages of processes of  Klaipeda city and Klaipeda castle.


This little settlement is the center of Veliuona parish in Jurbarkas district. It is located on the right shore of Nemunas covering the area of 12000 ha with a bit more than 900 inhabitants. Veliuona town is one of the most beautiful and interesting Lithuanian towns. According to archeological researches, this area was first populated in a stone age, 10.000 years ago. What is more, it is a very important historical area as for centuries there stood a famous Veliuona castle.

Kaunas Castle


Located near the main avenue in Kaunas called Freedom avenue, the Kaunas Castle is easy to find and both  - interesting and useful to visit. This gothic building used to serve for defensive purposes long time ago, but nowadays it is the main tourism information center in Kaunas.

Trakai Castle

The historical capital of Lithuania is Trakai which is otherwise known as the ‘town of lakes’. Trakai town owns a unique castle which is the only one of its type in the entire Eastern Europe. The castle is surrounded by waters on all four sides and is called the Trakai Island Castle. Though constructed in 1410 just after the famous Battle of Grünenwald as a defense fortress, it was turned into a residence of Grand Dukes of Lithuania Vytautas and Kęstutis.

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