Saulės miestas (The Sun City) Fashion and Leisure Center

"Saulės miestas" Fashion and Leisure CenterThe fashion and leisure center "Saulės miestas" is established in the Šiauliai city center, at the same building where the Šiauliai bus station is located. So, it is a good place to have rest and spend some time not only for local citizens, but for bypassers too.


Mega Shopping CenterMega shopping and leisure center in Kaunas was opened in 2005. It is located on the most important Lithuanian crossroad where two highways "Via Baltica" and Kaunas-Klaipėda intercross. Easy reachable, perfectly located and modern Mega shopping and leisure center is thought to be one of the most attended leisue centers in Lithuania.

Žirmūnai Bowling Club

Žirmūnai Bowling ClubŽirmūnai Bowling Club is the first bowling club opened in Vilnius in 1998. There are 12 bowling tracks, modern "Quibica" counting system, spacious and cosy atmosphere. Žirmūnai Bowling Club offers entertainments of other kinds too like simulators where visitors can enjoy falling down the hill, water skiing or racing.

Vilnius Akropolis

Vilnius AkropolisVilnius "Akropolis" was one of the first opened entertainment, leisure and shopping centers in Lithuania and in all Baltic states which later even became a synonym of such kind of centers here. It is an entertainment center where hundreds of most popular shops and tens of financial, daily, telecomunication, beauty and travel offices can be found.

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