Aukštaitija National Park


Molėtai is a small town located in Eastern Lithuania, 63 km far from Vilnius. It occupies area of just 3,77 square kilometers and there live a bit less than 7000 inhabitants. The town has everything what is necessary for normal daily life – educational institutions, art school, library, hospital, post office and so on, but the most valuable possession of the city is its unspoiled natural surroundings. Molėtai town can be proud to be a center of one of the cleanest areas in Lithuania.

Sartai Horse Racing

Horse lovers in Lithuania do not imagine winter without traditional Sartai Horse Racing. This annual fest is held in Aukštaitija National park, near the small town of Dusetos. It is already the 104th fest thus the event has more than a century long history.

Aukštaitija National Park

Aukštaitija is a region of hills, lakes and forests. For everyone looking for new impressions, it is recommended to visit this land as it would only take a few hours to get there by car or by train from the biggest Lithuanian cities. Quite a small investment of your time would buy off an unforgettable experience.

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