Electronic Music Festival - Tundra

In 2010 July 2-6 the Tundra festival of electro and dance music will be held for the 7th time already. This year the 4 days lasting festival will delight its guests with such a variable and big program that even the old wolves of music festivals will be impressed.


Molėtai is a small town located in Eastern Lithuania, 63 km far from Vilnius. It occupies area of just 3,77 square kilometers and there live a bit less than 7000 inhabitants. The town has everything what is necessary for normal daily life – educational institutions, art school, library, hospital, post office and so on, but the most valuable possession of the city is its unspoiled natural surroundings. Molėtai town can be proud to be a center of one of the cleanest areas in Lithuania.

Museum of Ancient Beekeeping

According to scientists, the oldest cult among people was worship of nature objects. Animals, plants, natural forces were thought to be higher powers than humanity. Lithuanians are the nation which professed paganism longer than any other European country. Thus it is not surprising that attention to some former sainted relicts is meaningful till nowadays. Bees and trees where they lived were thought to be saint in Lithuania.

Aukštaitija (Highlands)

Aukštaitija is located in a north eastern and east region of the country. In this region the nucleus of the Grand Duke of Lithuania was formed there around the 11th century. Aukštaitija is the largest Lithuanian region. The region distinguishes from others in its free planned homesteads, villages build according to street plan, its beer and songs. Actually, it is hard to tell whether people of Aukštaitija started singing or drinking beer first. Songs of Aukštaitija are of a very unique sound.


Utena is a center of Utena district which seizes territory of 1229 sq. km. More than 32000 citizens live there in Utena city while in all district there are approximately 47700 inhabitants. Utena is famous for its hosiery products, brewery and horse sports. Nowadays Utena is titled as a capital of Eastern Higher Lithuania. A golden horseshoe in its blazon symbolizes the luck and harmony of the city.

Drūkšiai Lake

The biggest lake in Lithuania named Drūkšiai is located in Zarasai district crossing the borderline between Lithuania and Belarus and faces to borderline between Lithuania and Latvia too. This record lake is the biggest not only in the area it holds, but in capacity of water too. The lake has an interesting history as well as the present.

Aukštaitija National Park

Aukštaitija is a region of hills, lakes and forests. For everyone looking for new impressions, it is recommended to visit this land as it would only take a few hours to get there by car or by train from the biggest Lithuanian cities. Quite a small investment of your time would buy off an unforgettable experience.


Kaunas in Lithuania is well known as a Provisional Capital and is famous for its basketball team “Žalgiris”, a Kaunas Zoo,  the central street called Freedom Avenue (Laisvės alėja) and local townspeople`s pride of their city. Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania established on the confluence of two largest  Lithuanian rivers Neris and Nemunas.

Vilnius - The Capital Of Lithuania

Vilnius is the Capital of Lithuania located in the center of Europe which is both contemporary and ancient, rich in architecture, historical monuments, culture heritage, thematic festivals and entertainments. Vilnius is the fastest growing capital in the Baltic States, aspiring to become the most attractive political, business and culture center between Lithuania neighbor countries. A very significant step in reaching this purpose is becoming the European Capital of Culture 2009.

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