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Kurtuvėnai Horse Riding Center

Kurtuvėnai Horse Riding CenterKurtuvėnai Horse Riding Center is open all year round. It is on of these rare places in Lithuania where both, professional horse riding and horsing tourism are developed. Horse competitions, horse riding expeditions, carriage rides, educational programs, horse riding camps, archery and other sport activities are here available.


Irklakojis WindsledgeIrklakojis team in Nida is providing a really great variety of activities - they are not short in imagination thus an unforgetable time is guaranteed for everyone.

Žirgo žingsnis (Horse Step) Stud

Riding a HorseThe culb team appeal to visitors of their stud "Žirgo žingsnis" with these words: "I want that step by step a horse would come into your life. I want you to feel the excitement of  standing next to horse, walking together, watching it nibbleing the grass, riding it. Riding the horse is a little froud when you thing you control the animal which is much stronger that you.

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