Tamsta Music Festival

In 2010 July 30-31 there will be the second Tamsta Music festival held in Dzūkija region, Varėna city surroundings where a beautiful isle of „Dainų slėnis“ is located.  Hundreds of positive testimonials complimenting the first Tamsta Music Festival held in 2009 prove an unchallenged success of the second festival too.

Arka Gallery

Arka Gallery is one of 4 galleries belonging to Lithuanian Artist Union. It was opened in 1990 as one of  manifestations of Lithuanian independence. Arka Gallery is located in Vilnius Old town, in scenic architectural ensemble of Bazilijonai monastery. 6 exhibition halls occupying quadrature of 500 sq. meters represent artworks created by world famous artists, photographers, textile masters and another kind of creators reflecting visual art.

Art Gallery "Vartai" (The Gate)

The „Vartai“ gallery in Vilnius is the biggest private art gallery in Lithuania. In 1991 it was opened just as an exhibition hall and today it is much more than that.

Electronic Music Festival - Tundra

In 2010 July 2-6 the Tundra festival of electro and dance music will be held for the 7th time already. This year the 4 days lasting festival will delight its guests with such a variable and big program that even the old wolves of music festivals will be impressed.

Let there be night!

This year it will be the 4th time when Vilnius will celebrate culture all night long. The “Let there be night” festival which will take place at night from the 19th to 20th of June will invite Vilnius guests and citizens to attend many cultural performances, activities and exhibitions .

Panevėžys Art Gallery

Panevėžys is the city famous for its sport, culture and industry. In order to maintain its cultural level, the Panevėžys  Civic art Gallery was established there in 1990 by Panevezys City Council. The main activities and directions of the gallery till nowadays are arrangement of exhibitions, enlargement of exhibits in its art collection, educational lections, arrangements of various concerts and publications.

Lithuanian Literature

For some people reading is one of the most valuable free time activities. There is nothing to be surprised about as it is both interesting, relaxing and useful. Especially, when reading well known works where the wisdom above price is written down and open to everyone.

Theatre in Lithuania

More than 400 years ago first theatre shows appeared in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Then the first theatre was formed in the Low Castle in Vilnius. Since the second half of the 16th century foreign theatre troupes showed their performances there. In 1570 the first Lithuanian spectacle was showed in the Palace of Grand Dukes in Vilnius by Vilnius college, which was reorganized into Vilnius university in 1579.

Photography in Lithuania

History of Lithuanian photography started just after the invention of photography was made and the news about it spread in the world. It was 1839 when first photos in Lithuania were taken. Then the Palace of Verkiai near Vilnius was captured. In 1845 the first photo atelier was opened in Vilnius and soon the number of such studios grown significantly. Photographers then came to work to Lithuania from Prussia or at least they learned this art in Prussia.

National Art Gallery

2009 is a year when Vilnius is honored to be the European culture capital so it is not a coincidence that the National Art Gallery was finally reconstructed and opened in 2009 the 19th of June. Lithuanians now might be proud about their new, modern and eclectic gallery where artworks of world famous artists of past and present are exposed.

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