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The newest and the most innovative treatment methods, professionals who underwent their specialization trainings in western Europe or in United States, costs much lower than in western countries, easy to reach by plane from anywhere in Europe – these are only a few answers to the question - why you should choose Lithuania.

Easy to reachLithuania in Europe


Lithuania is located in the geographical centre of Europe thus it is easy (1-2 hours) to reach by plane from any European country. Direct flights from the British Isles, Scandinavia and other European regions to Lithuanian airports in Vilnius and Kaunas are available. See the list of European cities and flight durations. Read more


Plastic surgery clinic Kaunas


Lithuanian private hospitals offer world class treatment. Professional English – Russian – German speaking specialists. Our surgeons have 15 years experience in their fields. Lithuania offers surgery of European level at affordable price. Our doctors underwent practical courses in USA, Switzerland and other countries. Read more



Since regaining its independence Lithuania has successfully made its way into Western family nations joining the EU in May 2004. Moreover, Lithuania was accepted into NATO in March 2004 and has been effectively participating in a number of operations. Today Lithuania is effectively developing relations with its neighbours and other countries greatly contributing as a member of various organisations. Read more

Step by step guide

Step by step

We will arrange your visit to the best Lithuanian clinics and will guide your steps straight to mindful professionals. From filling inquiry form, to making needed reservations, finalizing details, your operation, recovery process and any other special request of yours. Read more

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Take an opportunity of medical tourism. This is all in one: physical and mental rest, obvious improvement of health and appearance, new experience and new, confident look! Let us take care of everything: planning your visit, offering the best price, accommodation, transportation, meeting, nutrition, recovery, sightseeing and other. Read more

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JSC Peritus Assistance is Lithuanian incoming and medical tourism provider that advocates professionalism and reliability with the prime focus on quality and service excellence. Regarding medical field, close collaboration with highly qualified surgeons, fully skilled medical personnel and well-equipped modern clinics leads to grateful clients and rewarding experience. Read more



Health is the most valuable possession we have so naturally, it is essential to think carefully before choosing the country to have your treatment in. It is normal to doubt about something when you haven’t have not seen the reality. Find out the most common questions regarding medical tourism in Lithuania and our services. Read more



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