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Our skin and body contour usually is the best indicator of our age.  When skin becomes loose, wrinkled, sagging, people loose part of their physical attraction and even self confidence. Luckily, today science can offer many ways to get back youth and stop passing by years, however, not all the methodologies are acceptable or available for mass of people following their beliefs about harmony with mind and body.

One of the newest methodologies created in order to help people have tighter and more contoured skin and avoid surgery, injections or downtime is Thermage.

Thermage methodology

Non-invasive treatmentEfficiency of Thermage is based on unique capacitive radiofrequency technology.  It helps to stimulate existing collagen and to promote growth of new collagen growth.  As a result, your body contour will look noticeably firmer, tighter and smoother.

Thermage is considered to have an excellent safety records as well as very mild side effects after theprocedure.The procedure itself feels like a deep, but brief heating sensation. When you start feeling the heat it is an indication, that energy applied is already affecting the collagen.  In order to protect the skin surface there is a cooling spray also applied before, during and after every new energy procedure.

As the Thermage stimulates new natural collagen production, it takes about six month for the final results to show up.  These final results may last for years depending on your skin condition.
•    The most popular areas and reasons where Thermage procedures are applied for are:
•    After pregnancy or weight loss  - tighten arms, thighs, buttocks, tummies, “love handles”
•    Cellulite treatment  - smooth your skin and improve unwanted dimples
•    Facial area – tighten eyelids, lips, neck, chest

Thermage prices

• Upper and lower eyelids + area around eyes - 1.360 eur
• Upper and lower face area + face oval, cheeks, forehead - 1.880 eur
• Upper and lower eyelids, forehead, area above eyebrows, middle and lower face area, face oval, cheeks and neck - 2.870 eur
• Stomach - 2.550 eur
• Arms - 2.070 eur
• Hands - 2.070 eur
• Buttocks - 2.550 eur


FraxelFraxel is a laser based skin treatment, a gentle option to prevent skin from aging signs, lines around eyes, spots, pigment irregularities, sun spots , irregular texture, wrinkles, redness, scars… Fraxel is a gentle cosmetic procedure which can significantly rejuvenate your skin surface in a course of 3-6 treatments.

Fraxel methodology

The Fraxel treatment works when microscopic laser columns penetrate deep into skin in order to expedite body`s collagen remodeling. Laser treats only a particular fraction of tissue at one time thus it leaves intact the surrounding tissue.  After the procedure there is only a minimal downtime, very little swelling and redness. Fraxel is a great non invasive  treatment that resurfaces skin and stimulates growth of new and healthy skin cells.

Fraxel prices

• Whole face (forehead and cheekbones) - 870 eur
• Area around eyes - 460 eur
• Forehead - 460 eur
• Chin - 460 eur
• Cheeks - 580 eur
• Neck - 580 eur
• Chest - 670 eur
• Face and neck - 1.220 eur
• Neck and chest - 1.050 eur
• Face, neck and chest - 1.740 eur
• Hands - 580 eur

Our clinic

DermatologyIn our clinic there work professional highly experienced dermatologists licenced by Thermage and Fraxel companies. The clinic provides all dermatologic services:

• Aesthetic dermatology
• Skin disease diagnosis and treatment
• Platelet-rich plasma treatment

Here medical staff carefully listents to clients` concerns, gives advises and objectively examinates every individual situation in order to solve issues as effective as possible.

Please contact us and upload pictures of problematic areas