Druskininkai Wellness Resort

Druskinikai Wellness Resort

Druskininkai is one of the top wellness resorts in Lithuania situated in the Southern part of the country. The name of the resort comes from the Lithuanian word for salt, druska, as the earth in the city is rich in salt because the region was formed when it was under the sea. In 1794 Druskininkai gained the right of an official health resort and today it is the fastest growing recreation destinations in the country mostly appreciated for its mineral waters which due to its distinct mineralization has remedial qualities. Mineral spring waters have positive effect on nervous system, stomach, joints, skin and on the overall immune system. Druskininkai resort is also distinct for its mud which is used in therapies to relieve respiratory system diseases, improve digestive system and treat muscles, joints and nerves illnesses.

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Druskininkai Sightseeing

Grutas Park Druskininkai has a handful  of places for sightseeing starting with unique Grūtas park (10 minute drive)  which exhibits over 50 different sculptures of Soviet leaders that  aim to reveal comic and hyperbolic worship of cult which once was taken with high seriousness.

You may also want to visit M. K Čiurlionis Memorial Museum which celebrates work and life of one of the greatest Lithuanian artists and composers .Čiurlionis has left a significant imprint upon Druskininkai and it is presented in the museum which exhibits reproductions of Čiurlionis’ works and also serves as a host for contemporary exhibitions.

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