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Stress, hectic lifestyle and insufficient nutrition may trigger a number of health disorders  such as rather alarming heart diseases, asthma, insomnia and fatigue. It may also be a contributing factor in reducing the overall strength of immune system making it more susceptible to various other diseases. As we all know it, prevention is better than cure thus regular health check ups are more then necessary as they may help to spot the problems before they start and increase the chances of successful treatment. At the end of the day you may also pamper yourself in a SPA salon as treating and relaxing procedures are one of the best ways to have a rest and raise vitality. Fair enough, it may hurt your wallet, thus coming to Lithuania may be considered as an alternative. Here you will get high quality  service for the significantly lower prices than in Western countries. Procedures such as teeth whitening, health check ups, various laser treatments and other comsetic procedures such chemical peel and mesontherapy are one of the most favourite among the visitors.

Teeth whitening

Laser teeth whiteningTeeth whitening has become hugely popular in recent years as it seems to be the easiest and most effective way to brighten the smile. There is a wide variety of whitening products which can even be used at home, however one of the most efficient procedures is laser teeth whitening as it offers instant results and takes only 30 minutes.  During the procedure a teeth whitening gel is applied, the dentist points the laser at the teeth and the light removes yellow stains. After the session the sensitivity of teeth increases and it is recommended to avoid direct contact between the teeth and food that stains for twenty four hours.

The prices for laser teeth whitening range from 245 – 300 eur.

Health check ups

Health check upHealth check ups including consultations with General Practitioner, Oculist and Cardiologist are  arranged. Programmes combine instrumental testing such as electrocardiogram, V-max, X-ray of lungs and ultrasound examinations. Next step is laboratory testing which covers general blood tests as well as evaluation of liver ferments, thyroid function and other. Specific health examination programmes are designed especially for a man and a women regarding the key areas of concern according to  the gender. Moreover,  Cardio, Urology and Gynaecological examinations are also recommended.

The price for total health check up varies from 650 eur.

Laser treatment

Laser treatmentLaser treatment has revolutionised the whole dermatology allowing successfully deal with the cases that used to be treated only by the means of plastic surgery.




Skin imperfections

Most commonly laser technology is used for treating skin imperfections such as the removal of unwanted birthmarks, scars, wrinkles and other.  Shallow wound and swelling occurs after session, the marks of wound disappear after 1-2 weeks and the swelling after 1-2 days. For 1-2 weeks patient has to apply antibacterial compound and avoid direct contact with the sun.

The price for the treatment of skin imperfections for the whole face skin ranges from 798 eur, treatment of wrinkles from - 498 eur, for removal of birthmark from 45 eur.

Laser hair removal

As the wavelengths of laser light reach the pigment melanin at the root of the hair it becomes the warmth which destroys the cells under the root. Since hair tend to regrow rapidly, so as to achieve the highest results it is recommended to repeat the procedure every 4-5 weeks.

The price depends upon the area. Laser hair removal from tights costs from 280 eur, back – from 280 eur, bikini area – from 160 eur.

Other cosmetic procedures

Other cosmetic treatmentYou may also want to improve the appearance by having a pedicure or visiting hairdressers salon. You can have various facials including chemical peel. Another highly effective procedure is mesotherapy. It involves injecting minute quantities of natural extracts, vitamins and various homoeopathic agents. Mesontherapy is applied in various medical fields starting from treating pain to sport medicine. It is also used in dermatology usually for the treatment of aging and sagging, also to rejuvenate neck and hand skin or eliminate cellulite.

The price of pedicure starts from 62 eur, hair cut and styling - from 60 eur, chemical peeling (facial) from 60 eur, mesotherapy from 80 eur per area.

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