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About Lithuania

Lithuania is rapidly becoming a top destination for medical tourism securing its place on the health travel map. It has long been known for the exceptional medical training quality, top universities producing highly skilled surgeons who constantly improve their expertise abroad, participating in various trainings, conferences and workshops in Sweden, Norway, the USA, Denmark, Germany and many other leading countries.

Recently, medical tourism has been considered on the governmental level in order to make Lithuania a global leader in the industry.  Lithuania’s Ministry of Economy signed an agreement with the Medical Tourism Association to guide the process.

What attracts patients to Lithuania is the exceptional quality service and professional assistance which comes at the attractive price. Medical tourism allows a person to afford what he would not be able at his home country.

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NordEstheticsPlastic surgeries are performed at a private clinic in Lithuania called Nordesthetics. It is equipped with modern diagnostic and surgical facilities. Learn more about NordEsthetics clinic

our plastic clinic in Lithuania our plastic clinic in Lithuania

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery includes both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Cosmetic plastic surgery encompasses surgical and nonsurgical operations that reform normal forms of the body in order to improve the look and self-respect. Healthy patients with a positive attitude and realistic hopes are relevant candidates for cosmetic surgeries. Plastic surgery is an individual choice and you should do it for yourself, not to make someone else's dreams come true or to try to match a perfect image.

Reconstructive surgery is carried out on unnatural structures of the body caused by inherited defects, developmental anomalies, traumas, infection, tumours or illness. It is normally carried out to increase functionality but may also be performed to approach to a normal look.

What you should know before choosing a procedure?

The amount of patients choosing to undergo plastic surgery has risen in the last years. Technological progress has expanded the options. However, all procedures go with some risk. Plastic procedures can upgrade a part of your organism as well as improve your whole life.

There are several benefits of plastic surgery, principally the psychological side of the patient who has sustained the surgery. Plastic surgery operations often increase self-respect and confidence. As we make the variations to reach a certain appearance that we desire, we become more satisfied with our selves and become more tranquil in our communication with others. This is a positive aspect in our socialization process and may even increase our communication skills. Fixing some abnormalities in the body and face can help the patient function better and more satisfactory. These outcomes may help the patient live a more blissful life. It may also improve person’s productivity.

The risk of undergoing plastic surgery lies in it being an invasive surgery. People may respond diversely to the cure and the surgery. Sometimes a patient may suffer from side-effects. To escape this it is indispensable to consult the surgeon and to talk out the possible pros and cons of the surgery to be undergone to set realistic hopes and to escape possible unwanted side-effects.

Each surgery has its own package of advantages and risks. To understand this, it is necessary to talk to surgeon and to carefully plan which surgery to undergo for the sake of compatibility. It is very important to recognize probable allergies and negative reactions the organism might experience towards the cure. This would decrease the risks and at the same time increases the outcomes of the surgery. Increased outcomes can be expected when incisions are carefully projected to follow the skin wrinkles, sutures are not visible or the visibility is temporal.


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