NordEsthetics Clinic

In our daily work we advocate professionalism and reliability with the prime focus on quality and service excellence.

Nordesthetics clinic Nordesthetics clinic


Nordesthetics clinic NordEsthetics is a private clinic in Kaunas equipped with modern diagnostic and surgical facilities.

Nordesthetics clinic The clinic is a member of Lithuanian Private Health Care Providers Association.

Nordesthetics clinic We work with talented surgeons who have over 20 years of experience in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Surgeons speak fluent English, Russian and show personal attention to every coming client.

Nordesthetics clinic Patients are looked after by professional English speaking staff who provide 24/7 quality care and assistance.

Nordesthetics clinic After the surgery patients stay in private newly furnished rooms in the clinic where 24 hour nursing, satellite TV, air conditioning and cosy atmosphere is guaranteed.

Nordesthetics clinic Upon individual request pictures before and after surgeries are available.


Nordesthetics clinic Nordesthetics clinic

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