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Gastric Sleeve Price

Obesity has reached such level that now it is not affected by the healthy eating habits or intensive physical activity. In contrast to fruitless results of the mentioned methods, bariatric surgery introduced recently appeared to be the most effective treatment.

Gastric sleeve is an example of a bariatric surgery. There are several synonyms of this surgery – vertical sleeve gastrectomy, sleeve gastroplasty or vertical gastroplasty. In general, during gastric sleeve surgery from 60 % to 85 % of the total stomach size is excised. Following the surgery there is a tubular structure left which will serve as an artificial stomach in the future.

6.500 € / 5.200 £

(gastric sleeve surgery)

500 € / 400 £

(airfare and accommodation)

The surgery price covers all necessary tests, 1-2 days stay in a hospital, surgery, anaesthesia, personal assistance and transportation during your visit.

The flights and accommodation price includes direct round-flight tickets from the UK, Ireland to Vilnius or Kaunas airports and 6 nights at a 4-star hotel.

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gastric sleeve Lithuania in Kaunas gastric sleeve Lithuania in Kaunas

Benefits of gastric sleeve

The main result of gastric sleeve surgery is reduced capacity of the stomach. It is physically impossible to overeat for the patient due to that. Eating regularly and in small portions is advised instead. It is expected to lose from 30 % to 6o % of excessive weight within first year after the procedure.

Gastric sleeve surgery is considered as a minimally invasive procedure. Usually, it is performed laparascopically. Moreover, during the surgery natural junctions of gastrointestinal tract are preserved – food can be steadily swallowed. Through the oesophagus it then reaches the stomach where digestion occurs. And then it is transported to the intestines. Due to that there is no incidence of malabsorption and Dumping syndrome which are common outcomes after gastric bypass surgeries.

Besides, by removing the larger part of stomach a part responsible for secretion of hormone ghrelin is also removed. The increase of ghrelin concentration in blood activates appetite centers in the central nervous system. It leads to sensation of hunger. This process is blocked after gastric sleeve surgery and weight loss is not distressing anymore.

If the patient is morbid obese, has BMI (body mass index) higher than 70, gastric sleeve surgery may be used in order to prepare for other bariatric surgeries. In contrast to gastric bypass surgery which might have greater results in this case, gastric sleeve possess low incidence of postoperative complications. It is the main reason why gastric sleeve in chose over other procedures. Later, if there will be visible changes in weight gastric bypass may be performed.

Who qualify for gastric sleeve?

Patients should consider undergoing gastric sleeve surgery if they match at least one of the factors mentioned below:

  • BMI higher than 40;
  • BMI 35-39 and history of high blood pressure, type II diabetes or high blood cholesterol concentration
Preparation for gastric sleeve

If you find yourself matching the mentioned criteria, the first thing to do is to find a surgeon you can trust and feel free around. During a consultation you will be introduced with the technical part of the surgery and your life after it. If you are lost at some point, do not hesitate to ask questions.

Great attention will be applied on your medical history, especially present diseases, medications you are taking and previous surgeries. It is advised to write down these things at home. Besides, you should undergo some lab tests which may include complete blood count, urine sample and ECG. After the evaluation of your overall health condition a surgeon might recommend youto lose some weight prior to the surgery. Also, restriction to smoking or taking particular medication will be made.

Disadvantages of gastric sleeve

Although no artificial junctions are made during the gastric sleeve surgery, a staple line connecting edges of the stomach still carries a risk of bleeding or leakage. It may result in serious life-threatening conditions. Besides, the newly formed stomach may eventually stretch and start functioning in the way as before the procedure.

In contrast to other bariatric surgeries, gastric sleeve only shows significant changes weight if combined with diet and physical activity. It should be explained prior to surgery as the determination for changes in lifestyle is essential. In addition to that, gastric sleeve is a relatively new procedure so there are no data concerning long-term results.

Recovery after gastric sleeve

Likely, you will have to stay a couple of days in hospital after the surgery. It is common that surgical area will be painful, swelling and tender. If these symptoms are uncomfortable severe painkillers should be of great use. As mentioned some changes in eating habits will have to be made. Following first two weeks after the surgery you will have to eat only liquid food. Later semi-solid food is recommended for two weeks and finally solid food should be introduced step by step. What is more, you should eat slowly, in small portions and swallow only after food is mashed. Eating and drinking at the same time is forbidden. Changes after the procedure should also include regular exercising.


If compared with gastric bypass surgery gastric sleeve shows better effects on weight loss – change in BMI is about 16 units after gastric sleeve and almost 8 after the gastric bypass.

Doctor Gagner and colleges compared weight lossin two patient groups after 6 months – following gastric sleeve there was a 35 % loss of excessive weight and in the group with gastric balloons it was approximately 20 %.

A study published in Journal of the American Medical Association showed improvement in diseases associated with obesity such as type II diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and sleep apnea.

Although gastric sleeve has a row of benefits it comes with a price. Procedure is irreversible and requesting major changes in the lifestyle – once you have decided to undergo it there is no way back. In order to make right decision it is best to consult with a doctor who will advise if gastric sleeve is a choice for you.

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