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Gastric Band Price

Gastric band is a restrictive surgery in which a silicone band is used as an instrument to decrease the capacity of the stomach. The stomach is divided into two parts – the smaller top part with narrowed outlet and the larger lower part. It results in reduced food intake and earlier sensation of fullness.

5.300 € / 4.250 £

(gastric band surgery)

500 € / 400 £

(airfare and accommodation)

Gastric band Lithuania price covers all necessary tests, 1-2 days stay in a hospital, surgery, anaesthesia, personal assistance and transportation during your visit.

The flights and accommodation price includes direct round-flight tickets from the UK, Ireland to Vilnius or Kaunas airports and 6 nights at a 4-star hotel.

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Who should consider gastric band?

The surgery is suitable for obese patients who have tried diets, intensive exercising and medications but they failed to show any effect. By the way, it is important that a patient is in good overall health level, emotionally stable and non-smoker.

Usually, gastric band is recommended for patients with BMI higher than 40. In certain situations where BMI is lower (35 – 39.9) the procedure might be an option if a patient has a disease related to overweight. It includes diabetes type II, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, sleep apnea and others.

Gastric band technique

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia using laparoscopic devices. It is a minimally invasive surgery because very small incisions are placed in the upper part of abdomen. They are used as keyholes for instrumental manipulation. The main goal of gastric banding is to form a small stomach pouch using silicone band system. The latter includes silicone band, soft silicone tube and small port. The port is placed under the skin allowing a surgeon to manipulate with stomach radiation by injecting or removing sterile water into/from band system.

There are three types of silicone bands which vary in length – 9.75 cm, 10 cm and 11 cm. For women with BMI (body mass index) less than 45 the 10 cm band is the best, while for men with central obesity or morbid obese patient - 11 cm is preferred.

It should be stressed that the bound is useless if adjustment is not performed. If constriction is not created the patient does not feel any diet restrictions and weigh remains unaltered. The first adjustment is 6 weeks after the procedure. Then a patient is satisfied by a small amount of food and the sense of hunger is suppressed. However, the hunger and increased appetite are signs that band is not tightened enough.

What are the advantages of gastric banding?

Gastric band surgery is minimally invasive, therefore the procedure itself lasts for about 1 hour. Normally a patient spends a day in hospital. Besides, the postoperative period is relatively easy. There are no artificial junctions in gastrointestinal tract which is beneficial in bariatric surgery, because most procedures form unnatural food passages result in malnutrition and various deficiencies. In addition, gastric banding is a fully reversible procedure. After you have learned to manage healthy diet habits, weigh loss is visible or in other individual cases, you can remove gastric band.

What are the drawbacks of gastric banding?

Compared with other bariatric surgeries, especially gastric bypass, a stomach band results in lower weight loss. Usually, excessive weight loss varies from 23 % to 30 % while it reaches 60 % after a gastric bypass. Additionally slow change of weight is specific to gastric band which is visible even 3 years after the procedure.

Possible complications

As every surgical procedure gastric band carries a risk of complications. Although it is lower than 1 %, a surgeon still has to introduce you with some potential outcomes. General risks include allergic reactions to anaesthesia, formation of blood clots, heart attack and infection. What concerns gastric banding, there is a risk of stomach erosion, band slip, gastritis or gastric ulcer. Besides, a traumatic damage of surrounding organs in the abdomen cavity or infection may appear.

How to prepare for gastric banding surgery?

You will have to prepare for the surgery and for the lifestyle changes after it. A surgeon will ask why you have decided to undergo such procedure and what change you expect. It will be emphasized that gastric banding surgery is worthless without significant changes in a diet as well as lifestyle. It is likely that you will have to attend several lessons about life after the surgery and how to maintain an adequate nutrition.

Your medical history has a great effect on the success of the procedure. Previous and present disorders, medications you are taking, allergies to drugs and previous surgeries are the most important. Of course, a surgeon might like to know some other facts as well, so be prepared to talk a lot about your health. Later, a physical examination will take place and you will be asked to have some lab tests which will depend on your age and comorbidities.

In some cases, a surgeon might advise to lose some weight prior to surgery. If you are smoking , you should quit several months before the gastric band. Drugs enhancing bleeding such as aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E and warfarin will be restricted as well.

How to take care after the surgery?

The first two weeks after a gastric band surgery you will be allowed to eat only liquid foods, for the next two weeks – pureed. Later solid food should be included step by step. It is important to change eating singularities. You should avoid eating and drinking at the same time. Your bites should be small, swallowed after chewing very well. Although it is rare that malnutrition occurs after gastric band, it is recommended to take a daily multivitamins.

There is no doubt that gastric band is very helpful if a patient is struggling to lose weight and other options are fruitless. However, it is a complex surgery requiring a patient to be determined for changes in the diet and lifestyle.

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