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“If you find yourself exhausted from exercising and diets the abdominoplasty is your choice,” common patient of plastic surgeons have heard this catchword on TV or media. Although during the consultation it appears that the surgery is not an actual solution for large tummies.

2.500 € / 2.100 £

(tummy tuck surgery)


2.000 € / 1.650 £

(mini tummy tuck)

The price covers all necessary tests, 1-2 days stay in a hospital, surgery, anaesthesia, personal assistance and transportation during your visit.

The flights and accommodation price includes direct round-flight tickets from the UK, Ireland to Vilnius or Kaunas airports and 6 nights stay at a 4-star hotel.

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Why tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is labeled as a cosmetic surgery performed in order to flatten the abdomen by removing the excess fat tissue and skin. As the definition of the procedure states it is intended for those with loose abdomen skin that may emerge after intense weight loss or childbearing. Concentration of fat tissue in the abdomen area and the abdomen of abnormal proportions compared to remaining body are considered to be the indications for the procedure. Besides, it is also used to correct the separation of abdomen muscles (diastasis recti) which is a common consequence of pregnancy.

Possible restrictions

On the other hand, the procedure is not recommended for those women who consider having a child in the future. The reason lies in the technical part of the surgery during which abdomen muscles are tightened by sewing them. As it was mentioned, during pregnancy they tend to move one from other in order to make more space for a child. This process will be blocked if tummy tuck was performed before. By the way, procedure is not suitable for patients who are planning on losing weight or are displeased by surgical scars.

Preparation for tummy tuck

After thorough evaluation of the reasons why you want to have tummy tuck and your vision of body changes after it, you will be introduced with specialist’s opinion. Plastic surgeon will examine your abdomen while standing and lying and demonstrate the realistic vision of your future tummy. At this moment you have to consider whether it satisfies you or not. If your answer is yes the process of preparation for the surgery will take a lead. The doctor will need to know your medical history so start gathering information at home to make it more fluent. Things such as chronic diseases you have, medications you are taking, previous surgical procedures and complications during them, allergies to medications or other substances may be useful. After that doctor will explain the technical part of tummy tuck and if you still have questions it is the time to clear everything up. Besides, you will be obliged to run some tests to assess your general health condition as well as the risk of complications. In some cases you may have to postpone the surgery because of abnormalities in blood composition. To accelerate this process certain medications and vitamins could be prescribed.

About tummy tuck surgery

After all preparations a tummy tuck procedure will be performed. Since the general anesthesia is applied the surgeon will make an incision which will take the place in the pubic area or a little bit higher. Note, that before the procedure the doctor will show you where exactly the incision will be and what variations could be depending on your underwear style. This will make you more comfortable because you will be guaranteed that the scar will not be exposed. Later the incision has to be expanded toward sides of your pelvic bones. In the cases where loose skin is around the navel the second incision is performed in order to maintain the position of latter structure. Then excessive tissues are removed and the margins tightened up by sewing one to each other.

Types of tummy tuck

There are two types of procedure which mainly differ in whether the navel will be removed or not. During the complete abdominoplasty excessive masses are distributed throughout all abdomen area, huge amount of tissue is removed and in order to preserve the position of navel the skin around the structure is cut to make.

The second type of tummy tuck procedure is simpler and suitable for patient with unwanted skin and fat tissue in the lower part of the abdomen. It is called partial or mini abdominoplasty and takes place below the belly button and the incision site.

Complications of tummy tuck

Although tummy tack is performed by professional surgeons, there is still a possibility of complications. It may be bleeding or infection of the incision area, prolonged healing due to smoking or health disorders such as diabetes, heart or liver disease. The worst part of these complications is more visible scars which may require second surgery.

Recovery after tummy tuck

In order to prevent any complications you should strictly follow the advised recovery period. Uncomfortable symptoms such as bruising, swelling and pain are common during the first weeks after the tummy tuck. First days after the surgery an elastic bandage will cover incision site to decrease the mentioned symptoms.

Later you will need to change it with special garment.  In severe cases medication could be useful – do not hesitate to ask the doctor for the prescription. Also you will be instructed with special exercises which will promote blood circulation of surgical area.

On the other hand, usual physical activity is not recommended as well as bending, lifting and straining for more than 6 weeks. This is an average time of the healing process which requires great physical and psychological preparation.

What it is more, the scar will change afterwards and in order to make it less visible certain unguent may be applied. For a prescription of such medical substances consult your doctor who will give you some more information.Tummy tuck is very individual surgery which brings the best results when the patient is realistic about the outcomes and prepared to change his/her lifestyle and habits in order to maintain the new body look.

In addition, the way to the final results is challenging and exhausting physically and emotionall and requires great willingness.

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