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Often people get anxious about the excessive amount of fat tissue on the body. Although usually it motivates to start exercising and make some changes in the dietary habits, in some cases it is not enough. When stubborn fat masses still bother you lying in the most visible parts of your body, plastic surgery called liposuction is performed.

from 870 € / 725 £


500 € / 400 £

(airfare and accommodation)

The surgery price covers all necessary tests, 1-2 days stay in a hospital, surgery, anaesthesia, personal assistance and transportation during your visit.

The flights and accommodation price includes direct round-flight tickets from the UK / Ireland to Vilnius or Kaunas airports and 6 nights stay at a 4-star hotel.

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Defining the liposuction procedure

Liposuction or lipoplasty is an example of cosmetic surgery during which an excessive amount of fat tissue is removed. The surgery is useful if fat tissue tends to accumulate in the areas such as abdomen, thighs, buttock, arms, neck, chin or cheeks. Liposuction may be performed alone or in combination with other types of plastic surgery which are selected according to the severity of the case.

Candidacy for liposuction

The success of the procedure does not apply globally. The person must meet strict requirements in order to qualify for surgery. First of all, a patient should have realistic expectations for the results of the procedure. A patient should also get ready to combine diet changes and exercising in order to avoid possible recurrence of fatty masses. Concerning the physical aspects, it is better when the weight of a patient is average or slightly above it and when the skin is elastic and solid. In general, good health state is required.

Preparation process

If you find yourself suitable for the criteria contact the plastic surgeon for further information. He will guide you through the entire procedure and advice you in order to achieve the best results.

At first, you will be asked about your expectations for the surgery and reasons you apply for it. Later the doctor will need to know more about your health condition. He will ask whether you had any previous diseases, surgical procedures and whether you are taking any over-the-counter medications.

Besides, if you have any questions it is your time you should ask.

During the preparation doctor will take a photo from different angles of the body area you want to reduce. In the future it will be helpful to assess the result by addressing the difference using before and after pictures.

The following step of preparation include lab or instrumental tests to evaluate your general health state, recommendation to stop taking certain medication prior to the surgery and restriction to smoke.

The latter has huge influence on the healing of surgical wounds by decreasing the blood flow in the area. This just emphasizes the reliability of instructions.

Possible adverse effects

The doctor will introduce the possible risks of liposuction procedure. Although they are uncommon, for the safety of both sides you have to sign a statement that you understand the risk.

Due to inaccurate replacement of fluids a patient may experience shock, but the possibility of such case in the specialized surgeon clinics is close to zero.

After the surgery there is a risk of fluid retention, infection or bleeding. If you have any problems with your cardiovascular system there is a higher incidence of blood or fat clots which may be mortal. In addition to this, the surgery could leave visible scars, asymmetric contours or irregularities in the skin. The latter complications arise due to inaccuracies of screening for the operation or in some cases it is the expression of the best result if the patient is elder.

Liposuction methodology

The duration of liposuction greatly depends on the amount of fat which will be removed. Similar situation is with anesthesia - it could range from local to general. You will be introduced with this part before the surgery so there will be no unexpected actions. Later an inconspicuous incision will be performed and a small tube called cannula will be inserted through the incision. The cannula is used to suck the excessive fat masses into the suction device.

The process is facilitated using several techniques which will be considered before the procedure in order to choose the most suitable for you. Usually, the liquid solution is injected before insertion of the cannula to reduce bleeding and loosen fat masses. It is called wet liposuction. There are other ways used in an attempt to facilitate the surgery such as dry liposuction (no adjuvant substances are used), laser or ultrasound assisted liposuction during which an instrumental device is used to break down fat masses into smaller parts. Also there is water-jet assisted liposuction where a flow of water with high pressure is used.

Recovery after lipocustion

After the procedure you should wear elastic bandages or garments in order to decrease the swelling and bleeding of the incision area as well as enhance the process of healing. Apart from this, symptoms such as pain, bruising, tenderness are common companions after the liposuction. If they interfere with your daily life medications should be helpful. You will start feeling better after several weeks, the severity of the mentioned symptoms should also decrease by this time. During the healing process you will have to visit your doctor to evaluate the results.

Recovery after liposuction may take 2 months for the tangible results and even after that you will need to change your lifestyle in order to maintain the body shape.

Fat removal abroad

Nowadays, when travelling is easier than ever, a lot of people choose having their surgeries done abroad. The main reason for this choice is the same as for most purchases – good price. For example, average abdominal liposuction price in the UK is € 4.150, in Ireland it costs € 3.700, in Lithuania the average price of abdominal liposuction is € 1.875. Read more about liposuction Kaunas prices.

During the last decade the term "liposuction abroad" was completely redefined. It used to mean going somewhere far and unknown to have your surgery. Now it takes couple of hours for you to go to other country, that country is a member of the EU and NATO, the quality standards are the same and in some cases even better, your surgeon speaks fluent English and is certified in the UK and/or Scandinavian countries. As a result, having liposuction abroad is a way to get the same level of service for much less!

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