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Breast Lift Price

A lot of innovations in breast contouring surgery since were made since it was firstly introduced. Today, the attitude towards the breast shape improvement surgeries is changing. Also the price is becoming acceptable for a wider range of patients. Each year large numbers of patients choose breast contouring to correct negative signs of ageing. Usually, they go for breast lifting, breast augmentation or a combination of both.

2.230 € / 1.850 £

(breast lift surgery)

500 € / 400 £

(airfare and accommodation)

Breast lift Lithuania price covers all necessary tests, 1-2 days stay in a hospital, surgery, anaesthesia, personal assistance and transportation during your visit.

The flights and accommodation price includes direct round-flight tickets from the UK, Ireland to Vilnius or Kaunas airports and 6 nights stay at a 4-star hotel.

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Breast Lift Lithuania in private clinic Breast Lift Lithuania in private clinic

What is breast lift?

Breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure performed on women suffering from breast ptosis. This condition requires surgical lifting when areola is 2 cm below the natural breast crease. Besides, breast lift is helpful if a breast lost its fullness.

When breast lift should be considered?

Breast lift surgery is recommended for postpartum women. After a childbirth and breastfeeding breasts tend to lose their elasticity and usually become sagging.

Sagging breasts are defined by the following three features. Breasts are at a lower level, nipple position is often below the natural crease of breast and the structure is pointed downwards. These changes usually provoke physical as well as psychological distress leading to the depression and low self-confidence.

Such changes might appear in the younger age if a woman has lost a lot of weight. Usually, after losing more than 50 % of excessive weight breasts are affected. Often situation becomes even more complicated because some women perform breast reduction while still being obese. In addition to this, massive weigh loss is common in young age when breast tissue is not matured enough. The latter factor complicates the procedure.

Sometimes women who have not had history of pregnancy or significant weight loss might also suffer from breast ptosis. In this case age, heredity and gravity might have an effect on formation of sagging breasts.

How to prepare for breast lift?

The preparation will start with the first consultation. At first, you will be asked about your expectations and the reason that pushed you to undergo such procedure. Later a surgeon will examine your breasts, take some photos from different angles and tell you what result may be achieved after the breast lift.

Your medical history will also be discussed. It is very important in predicting or preventing possible complications of procedure itself or anaesthesia. It includes previous and present diseases, prescribed or over-the-counter medications you are taking, allergies or previous surgeries. You can prepare for this part at home.

Finally, you will be asked to perform some lab tests such as complete blood count, blood coagulation test, urine sample and ECG. Besides, if there were cases of breast cancer in your family you will be advised to perform mammography before and after the surgery.

Preparation for surgery includes some restrictions. You should stop smoking several months prior to surgery and stop taking some medications such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. In cases where these medications are essential you should ask for replacement drugs.

How a breast lift is performed?

Breast lift is performed under a general anesthesia.

There are two types of the procedure:

  • Wise pattern mastopexy is performed in severe cases of breast ptosis. During this procedure breast elevation and fullness are achieved. There are three incisions placed – along the breast crease, around the nipple and vertically from a nipple to a breast crease. The following step is to remove the excess of skin and tighten surrounding tissues. If there is a need to adjust the size and shape of breast, implants may be used, or tissues from axillar breast part placed in the center.
  • Vertical pattern mastopexy is an excellent way of treatment if mild ptosis is present. The benefit of this procedure is less visible scar which takes place around the nipple. The following steps of the surgery are the same as for wise patter breast lift.
Risks after breast lift

Although breast lift surgery carries a small possibility of side effects and complications, the incidence of bleeding, infection and disturbed sensation of nipples are observed. These symptoms are temporary and usually can be prevented. The main task is to follow up the instructions concerning the perioperative (before, during and after the procedure) period.

What to expect after a breast lift surgery?

The day after the procedure you might feel discomfort in the breast area and your movements will be constricted. However, you will still have to perform some exercises of short duration which will activate blood flow in the surgical area. This will be beneficial for the healing process. Besides, you will be advised to wear soft support bra for 2 months. It will decrease the swelling and adjust the newly formed contours. Pain and bruising should also be mentioned among unwanted symptoms appearing after surgery. Usually they are mild and do not require special attention.

After 1 week you should visit your surgeon because by this time sutures and drain should be removed. Besides, a surgeon will introduce you with some methods which will help to manage a scar. It may include massage, applying cocoa butter or other substances.

There are some restrictions on physical activity after the surgery. For the first days or even a week you will not be allowed to strain, lift or bend because it might increase swelling or provoke bleeding. Besides, any sexual activity should be avoided as well. A return to your usual activities is recommended after a week or two.

The final results of breast lift will be visible after a couple of months. The breasts will be uplifted as well as nipples and areolas. Besides, the size of areola complex will be decreased. As for the shape of breasts it depends on your will whether you want implants or no. But in any case a breast lift has only a slight effect on breast fullness itself. Usually results are considered as permanent unless you gain or lose massive amount of weight or become pregnant. Only after a period of years breast start to lose its corrected shape due to aging and gravity forces, but at this point you might also consider repeating the procedure.

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