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Although patients may have negative feelings towards dentist, dentistry is among most appreciated professions worldwide. Lithuania is not an exception; dentistry ranks at first places according to student choices. Besides, Lithuania is famous for preparing excellent specialists which are capable of working alone in private practises just after the studies. Not all European universities which prepare dentists could boast about such thing.

The interest in dentistry is growing mostly due to good working conditions and high salaries. So it is not surprising that Forbes (leading source in fields of business and financial information in the USA) placed dentistry  at the 5th place of most popular and wealthy small business list.

Lithuanian dentistry providers

There are about 200 public health services in Lithuania which provide dental care. Each year they treat around 1.6 million of patients. Dental care is also provided by private practises. There are approximately 1,500 of such facilities. Care providers are mainly located in the major cities, depriving small towns of dental care, therefore they have to commute to the nearby city.


Lithuanian dentists are active members of the international community. They are constantly participating in various conferences abroad, successfully presenting and discussing conducted research. To name a few, in the Conference of Osseointegration held in Copenhagen 2012 Lithuanian dentists won the first place for their work on bone stability around dental implants after gum treatment.

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