Dental Veneers

Dental veneers
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(porcelain dental veneer)

Dental veneers

As people age, teeth naturally wear down. Various undesirable defects appear on teeth like chips or cracks, teeth become dulled and discolored, abnormally shaped. Sometimes people are born with abnormal spaces between teeth or naturally unattractive teeth appearance, however mostly these are consequences of daily habits like smoking, drinking tea, coffee, taking medications, etc.

Dental veneers can be considered as a part of cosmetic dentistry as they create or bring back an impressive smile. Dental veneers might be the most appropriate solution for more severe cases of uneven, mild chipping, dullness, discoloration, and cracking or wear teeth.

Bonding dental veneers has following advantages:

  • Proved longevity
  • Protection of damaged teeth surface
  • Might replace a need for dental crown


  • Dental veneers are very thin so patients are advised to wear special protective appliance at night
  • Necessity to reshape teeth for placement of dental veneers permanently alerts the teeth. It is not recommended if your natural teeth are still aesthetic and functionally adequate.

The dentist will schedule your visits until all possibilities of treatments will be discussed and your oral health will be evaluated properly. Discussion on all treatment options and alternatives providing minimal or no removal of tooth structure as well as selecting the most appropriate veneers shape and color are necessary because veneer treatment is irreversible.  After completion of examinations, a customized plan is prepared according to which the treatment begins.

Under local anesthesia the dentist will prepare the tooth for veneer application by minimally reshaping it. Then a model of your mouth will be prepared according to which veneers will be fabricated.

Before your veneers are finished, you can have temporary veneers added. When you will visit your dentist the next time time, temporary veneers will be replaced with final ones.

Our competence:

Our partner specializes in implant prosthetics, veneers, all ceramic crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays.
• Surgeon has 12 years work experience in dental implantology
• Member of odontology association ''Concordia''
• In 2001 has opened his own stomatlogy clinic in Kaunas
• Practical courses and seminars in USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden

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