Surgeon Almantas Maleckas

In 2001 in Sweden Sahlgrenska hospital, University of Gothenburg, Prof. Almantas Maleckas was tought and trained for bariatric surgery. As soon as he finished his trainings he started performing bariatric operations. Since then he has already performed more than 2.500 bariatric surgeries.

In 2007 prof. Almantas Maleckas started running an International Bariatric Training center in Kaunas Medical university Hospital in Lithuania where surgeons from various European countries take his trainig courses. Prof. Almantas Maleckas is the one who tought bariatric surgery techniques surgeons that operate in Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia. The same year he was tought Laparoscopic Esophageal resection and Thoracoscopic procedures in Pitsburg Medical university, USA. 
Very often prof. Almantas Maleckas tells speeches as an invited speaker in various International medical congresses like International Bariatric and Minimaly Invasive surgery Congresse. He also delivers lectures in surgical communities in Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Czhech Republic and elsewhere.

Carrier in Sweden

Prof. Almantas Maleckas works in Sweden Sahlgrenska hospital since 2003. He started when once he agreed to substitute the head of Minimaly Invasive surgery department in Sahlgrenska university hospital for a period during which the actual head of the department used to fly to Boston for his study every two weeks. Prof. Almantas Maleckas did not want to leave Lithuania so he agreed to substitute the Sweden collegue only for the period he was absent. Later on, when the agreed period was over, prof. Almantas Maleckas decided to stay in the Sahlgrenska hospital under the same conditions, he chose working in both countries, Sweden and Lithuania, switching every two weeks.

The very beggining of carrier in Sweden was pretty tough for prof. Almantas Maleckas and perhaps the most difficult was the language barrier. He was supposed to learn Swedish in 3 month. It was May when he and the head of the Surgery clinic in Gothenburg prof. Hans Lonroth agreed to start working together in September. In summer it was impossible to find Swedish language teacher in his hometown Kaunas, thus he decided to learn the most important words of his speciality on his own. In September prof. Almantas Maleckas already new like 3.000 words, however, it was very difficult for him to understand and speak Swedish. In order to "break the ice" the head of the hospital prohibited everyone in the personell to say a word in English so that prof. Almantas would not have other choise but start communicating Swedish. This challenge really helped prof. Almantas to start speaking Swedish within a month.

Why still Lithuania?

As prof. Almantas Maleckas says, "I would only emigrate to Sweden under an ultimate case, for example, if I would earn 7 dollars a month like I did in 1994 when I was a resident. I simply understand that if I chose living abroad, I would never feel like at home. I remember when I had to work 3 months without coming back home, it was really tough. Now, when I work in Sweden every 2 weeks it is much easier, besides, every evening I speak with my family via Skype".

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