Conference tourism

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Experience in Meeting Management

Meeting managementWe work in the field of Meeting Management for more than 7 years already. Our working methods are based on goals:

• To fulfill all specific needs of clients
• Implement conditions for conversation between our managers and clients
• To ensure mutual cooperation among our clients, users and stakeholders

Travelling for business or professional development is concurrent with nowadays modern society thus it creates a demand for our high proficiency in conference tourism field.

Services in Meeting Management

Services meeting management• Consultancy & Planning – we provide clients with planning tools and facilitate implementation of the event.
• Financial management – we control the budget and make financial decisions upon a request of our client.
• Marketing & Communication – we help you to precise your main idea and offer most suitable ways to say it.
• Delegate management – we pay attention to each individual creating mutual pleasure.
• Speakers management – we arrange accommodation for speakers, give support prior and on-site the event, handle contracts.
• Abstract management – we organize printing, process submissions, collections and evaluations according to specific type of event.
• Hotel accommodation – we carefully select hotels according to specific needs of participants of the conference.
• Exhibition and sponsorship – we search for sponsorship and guarantee the right balance between interests and requirements of both – participants and sponsors during exhibitions.
• Social program – we arrange the program of the meeting in a special way creating enjoyable atmosphere  suitable for efficient conversations through kind surprises, good food and music.
• Excursions, tours & transportation – the meeting will be of the highest class when participants in small groups will have an opportunity to get guided tours among main highlights of the country. We provide transportation, guidance and guarantee memorable experience.

Experience in Association Management

ExperienceWe help the leaders to maintain a professional relationship between them for 7 years already. We ensure that  Association of our clients created of several strong members will grow constantly, will stay organized and connected internally and externally.

Services in Association Management

Project management• Membership management – establishment of membership framework, search of new members, registration, material circulation and day-to day management.
•  Project management -     we hold all the projects related with Association and for every priject perform planning, control, execution and maintenance.
•  Association marketing and promotion – we design a specific promotion strategy for every association and follow its` launch and execution.
• Sponsorship – our wide ties with number of partners allow us to bring together every association with a proper sponsor.
• Conferences and meetings – as we have much experience in meeting management and association matters we guarantee association meetings to be focused right on current issues, activities and results.