Business startup

Most frequent business forms in Lithuania are the following:

Private limited liability company („UAB“);
Public establishment (“VšĮ”);
Small partnership (“MB”);

In more detail:

Criterion Private limited liability company („UAB“) Public establishment („VšĮ“) Small partnership (MB) Association
Minimum number of participants 1 shareholder 1 member 1 member (natural person) 3 members (natural persons)
Maximum number of participants 249 shareholders Unlimited 10 members Unlimited
Minimum capital Authorized capital of at least LTL 10 000 None None (MB members define contributions) None
Liability Limited civil liability – shareholders are not held personally liable for the company’s obligations Limited civil liability (please acknowledge that VšĮ is a non-profit public legal person) Limited civil liability – shareholders are not held personally liable for MB obligations Limited civil liability
Management Manager; a collegial body of management may be also formed Mandatory general meeting of stakeholders and a single-person management body (the head of the public establishment); other bodies upon stakeholders decision

Meeting of the members (the representative of MB should be appointed)


single-person management body (manager)

A general meeting of members or any other body (conference, assembly) and the management body (sole or (and) collegiate)

More information:

Please bear in mind that establishing a new company might be not only costly but also a time-consuming process. Hence, we are to offer our services - a ready made company. It as a company which already has been established prior to the acquisition of the company, yet has not conducted any activities.

The benefits of buying a ready made company:

You do not need to come to Lithuania personally (we will send you the necessary documents to sign);
Time-saving (The registration process would take no longer than 7 business days or even might be completed in a few days if you come to Lithuania personally);
A ready-made company already has an authorised capital of LTL 10 000 (you do have to invest in a company’s authorised capital);
A ready made company has a current bank account, a seal, permanent office and all the documents related to the establishment;
The Articles of Association translated into English;
An extract from State of Registers issued right after you have bought a company (proving the necessary changes have been registered in a public register).

Please read more:

Our services

We would be pleased to:

assist you in establishing any form of business in Lithuania;
offer to you a ready made company;
Assist you in registering your company as a VAT payer.