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• Way of Lithuanian Statehood
• Hills and Castles in Vilnius
• History of Vilnius Palace
• Polish Heritage in Vilnius
• Russian Heritage in Vilnius
• Jewish Heritage in Vilnius
• German Heritage in Vilnius
• Way of Pūčkoriai
• Musical Vilnius
• Artistic and Romantic Vilnius

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Gediminas towerGediminas Castle - built in about 1230 is one of the most famous castles of Lithuania. It's main tower is known as a symbol of Vilnius and Lithuania and is always included into tours around Vilnius city.

The Vilnius Cathedral Vilnius Cathedral is thought to be one of the most important symbols of Lithuanian capital. It is a magnificent prayer house keeping many  secrets in its catacombs and attracting visitors by its architecture.

TV Tower, Lithuania, VilniusVilnius TV Tower is the highest building in Lithuania. Inside Vilnius TV Tower at the height of 165 meters there is a restaurant "Paukščių takas" ("Milky Way"). Visiting it for a dinner and a great panoramic view is a must for everyone staying in Vilnius.

Contemporary Art Centre, VilniusContemporary Art Centre located at the centre of Vilnius is the largest of it's kind in all the Baltic States. You will always find something modern, unusual, unexpected or even shocking in Contemporary Art Centre.

St. Anne`s ChurchSt. Anne's Church is a church which will definitely leave an impression, maybe the same as it once left to Napoleon Bonaparte himself, who wanted to take it to Paris with him in the palm of his own hand if it were ever possible.

Vilnius Town HallVilnius Town Hall designed by Laurynas Stuoka-Gucevičius for many years has been and continues to be one of the main hubs of trading, festivities, celebrations and other culture events in Vilnius.

In the Park of Europe, LithuaniaThe Park of Europe is a very surprising open air museum located in the city of Vilnius. Visitors of this museum are always persuaded that the European art can be extremely original.

National Museum Of Lithuania, VilniusNational Museum Of Lithuania is one of the most important and oldest museums in Lithuania. National museum of Lithuania contains thousands of different exhibits and over 250 000 visitors see the museum every year.

Vilnius UniversityVilnius University is not only the oldest university in Lithuania, but also and one of the oldest in Europe. The university is famous not only for education quality but and for its interesting history and marvelous appearance of the Old ensemble of Vilnius university located in the Old Town.

St. Peter and St. Paul`s ChurchSt. Peter and St. Paul`s church is a marvelous historic heritage of 17th century standing in Antakalnis, Vilnius. Its outside severity and inside serenity makes an impression and catches the attention of its visitors.

PučkoriaiPavilniai Regional Park is located in the eastern part of Vilnius. This natural miracle is the smallest regional park in Lithuania. However there are many places to see starting from the breathtaking exposure of Pučkoriai ending to marvelous Belmontas.

Jewish CemeteryNational Vilnius Gaon Jewish museum is dedicated to spread the tolerance in society as well as to collect the historical facts. Visitors can get aqcuainted with the past of the nation while attending one of several branches of the museum in Lithuania.

National Art GalleryNational Art Gallery. The newely reconstructed National Art Gallery in Vilnius was opened only in 2009 June in honour for Vilnius as a Culture Capital 2009. The new expositionscought a great attention and, perhaps, the future expositions will be the same valuable and interesting.

Museum of genocide victimsMuseum of Genocide Victims is a unique museum of its kind where visitors are able to face the history and to find out the measure of Soviet Occupation that was made to lithuanian inhabitants in 1940-1990.

In Vichy aqua parkVichy aqua park in Vilnius is a great place to spend your leisure time. Great variety of water entertainments, fantastic atmosphere of Polynesia and lively surroundings are well appreciated by people of all ages and priorities.

Museum of genocide victimsGenocido aukų muziejus tai unikalus muziejus, kuriame lankytojai, susidūrę su istorija, gali suvokti Sovietinės okupacijos padarinius lietuvos gyventojams 1940-1990 metais.