Towns & Countryside in Lithuania

Towns & Countryside in Lithuania

Lithuanian VillageCountryside & villages. Admire the smallest townships in Lithuania.There are plenty of countryside and villages astonishing people with the quietness and singularity.

In AlytusAlytus is the real pheonix rose form the ash. Survived many difficulties the city is now very lively and initiative. Visiting Alytus is always an entertaining and enjoyable time.

UtenaUtena is one of the oldiest Lithuanian cities which nowadays includes many cultural, historic and nature monuments. Utena is famous for its hosiery production, horse sports, brewery and beautiful lakes. Find out the city of luck and harmony.

TelšiaiTelšiai is the so called capital of Žemaitija. It is one of the bigger cities in Lithuania which resounds it`s glorious history for centuries.

MarijampolėMarijampolė is the so called capital of Suvalkia in Lithuania. The city distinguishes in its significant history and local culture.

MazeikiaiMažeikiai is the largest city of North Lithuania which faced many challenges. Still this city of milk and oil is the one most populated and the one where people work hard to create a beutiful future.

JonavaJonava, the so called capital of all Jonas(John) and Janina in Lithuania, is a well developed industrial city where the famous "Achema" factory works. Located on the river Neris Jonava always used to be an important communication city.

KėdainiaiKėdainiai is the so called cucumber capital in Lithuania. OF course, cucumber business is not the only one well developed in Kėdainiai city. You will undoubtedly be very surprised in the variety of interesting and entertaining fields about this city.

TauragėTauragė is a town which has a very interesting history and stretches along a beautful valley of Jūra river. Water activities, cognitive excursions and relaxing time admiring local environment are here available.

VisaginasVisaginas is a city-sattelite, the youngest city in Lithuania in 2010 celebrating its` 35th birthday. It was built specially for workers building the former one of the most powerful nuclear power plants in the World.

UkmergėUkmergė is a calm and quiet city located in the middle of Lithuania. It is well known as a city where a legendary plumber from a famous song lives and works.