Soviet Heritage in Lithuania

Soviet Heritage in Lithuania

The Green BridgeThe Green Bridge is one of the most obviously seen objects of Soviet heritage located very close to Vilnius city center. Once it was an object of discussions dividing society into 2 groups, but still it is a clear memorial of Soviet times in Lithuania.

Lenin in Grūtas ParkGrūtas park is the only theme park of it's kind in the whole world. Grūtas park is a place where you can look at pointless sculptures of soviet leaders and so on. In 2010 it was included into list of Top 10 Strangest World museums.

Museum of genocide victimsMuseum of Genocide Victims is a unique museum of its kind where visitors are able to face the history and to find out the measure of Soviet Occupation that was made to lithuanian inhabitants in 1940-1990.

Plokštinė nuclear missile launch sitePlokštinė nuclear missile launch site was the top secret Soviet structure where 4 medium range missiles were housed. After 12 years of operation the site was shut down and later abandoned. Now this unusual place is open for visitors.

Rainiai MemorialRainiai Memorial is one of the most important monuments symbolizing the Lithuanian patriotism and the cruelty of Soviet occupants. This place preserves memory of great suffer and pain.