Nature in Lithuania

Nature in Lithuania

WisentPašiliai wisent breeding reservoir is the only one park in Baltic states where people canwatch giant wisents from a very close distance. The park is preserving the vanishing species thus it is very important.

OakDūkštai oak wood is a nice nature recess near Vilnius city where people might have a nice walk among old oak trees. It is a beautiful place where the ancient spirit from pagan times might be felt.

Nemunas riverNemunas river is the largest Lithuanian river, called the Father of Rivers. Its majesty and beauty attracts everybody glanced at. People are able to feel the river power while wathing its waves from a distance.

Luokesai Lake BottomLuokesai lake is very important for all Europe. In 2000 remains of 2500 year old lake settlement were found that provided history science with many new specifications about the late Stone and Metal Ages.

Drūkšiai lake Drūkšiai lake is the largest lake in Lithuania. The lake relates Lithuania, Belarus and Latvia. The Atomic Power station is built near it so the lake is under strict control as well as under mystique trail.