Museums in Lithuania

Museums in Lithuania

Beekeeping MuseumMuseum of Ancient Beekeping located in Stripeikiai village, National park of Aukštaitija is a unique museum of its type in Lithuania. People here can get aquainted with myths, traditions and lifes of bees and beekeepers.

Bicycle museumBicycle Museum in Šiauliai is a place where visitors can review many different interesting exhibits as well as to be taught some useful things about the behaviour with the so liked bicycle in every day life.

Devil museumDevils' museum is quite an untraditional museum where more than two thousand devils of various shapes, colors, sizes and materials are housed. It's the largest collection of devils in a single place in the whole world.

Klaipėda CastleKlaipėda castle is an implemented vision of some enthusiasts in Klaipėda. The old castle was successfully returned into nice museum full of interesting exhibits and past atmosphere.

A ClockClock and Watch Museum is a great chance to get closely aqcuainted to a simple device - clock, which we use every day and, I bet, never think that it could have such an interesting history and huge variety of forms and mechanisms.

Molėtai Astronomical ObservatoryMolėtai Astronomical Observatory is a place including the best astronomical equipment in Lithuania used for research by professionals and for entertainment by visitors of the observatory.

Mosėdis Stone MuseumMuseum of Rare stones is an authentic exposition in the North West of Lithuania offering a great improvement of cultural and educational experience as well as having unussual rest while admiring spectacular nature.

Museum of genocide victimsMuseum of Genocide Victims is a unique museum of its kind where visitors are able to face the history and to find out the measure of Soviet Occupation that was made to lithuanian inhabitants in 1940-1990.

Museum of RumšiškėsMuseum of Rumšiškės is an open air museum representing visitors the real past of various parts of Lithuania. Rumšiškės is an entire village including very artistic ancient homesteads.

National Museum Of Lithuania, VilniusNational Museum Of Lithuania is one of the most important and oldest museums in Lithuania. National museum of Lithuania contains thousands of different exhibits and over 250 000 visitors see the museum every year.

Palanga Amber museumPalanga Amber Museum is established in the estate of count Feliksas Tiškevičius in beautiful surroundings by botanical gardens. The exposition of amber includes more than 4500 exhibits, what is more, visitors are able to get aquainted with the history of an amber.

Lithuanian Sea museumLithuanian Sea Museum is always very exciting and memorable as visitors are able not only to know many interesting facts about mysterious sea world, but also to feel the mystery of the sea while watching alive exhibits and historic seaworld heritage.

The Ninth fort, KaunasNinth fort in Kaunas is one of the most significant monuments of pain and horror in Lithuania. Visiting this place is not only interesting for those who love history, but also for everyone who would like to get close enough to the pain many people survived.

Orvydai HomesteadOrvydai homestead is an open air museum where visitors may see many sculptures, impressive compositions made of boulders, old stems and other untraditional exhibits brought there in 30 years.

St. Michael the Archangel's ChurchMuseum for the Blind in Kaunas is located in the catacombs of St. Michael the Archangel's Church. The exhibition affect senses that visitors feel in the dark. This experimental museum is really worth visiting.

Paneriai Memorial monumentPaneriai Memorial Museum is one of Jewish heritage monuments in Lithuania. It is located in an authentic place of former mass massacre where, according to historical sources, 70 000 Jews were killed as well as thousands of people of other nationalities.

A Lovely CatCat Museum is the one where good mood and joy never ends. Thousands of sweet catlike exhibits astonish everyone. It is a place were cats from various countries are brought together with love by hundreds of cat lovers from all over the world.

Kretinga MuseumKretinga Museum is a distinguishing architectural and nature monument. The beautiful park, Winter Garden and interesting expositions in the beautiful estate building are  real historical values.

Museum of Energetic and TechniqueMuseum of Energetics and Technique is located in the former Vilnius power station. It welcomes visitors of all ages and implements a noble mission to educate, entertain and inform people.

In the Park of Europe, LithuaniaThe Park of Europe is a very surprising open air museum located in the city of Vilnius. Visitors of this museum are always persuaded that the European art can be extremely original.