Knowing Lithuania

Knowing Lithuania

Facts and figures lithuaniaFacts and figures for Lithuania - know what is interesting before coming to this country. Highest, tallest, largest, longest, biggest, last, first.. Expand your knowledge about Lithuania

History of LithuaniaHistory of Lithuania - from the 1st time Lithuania name mentioned in 1009, to declaring independence in 1990, there were many events in between. It was biggest country in Europe in XIV century, last pagan in Europe, once occupied by Napoleon and many more..

Calendar of eventsCalendar of events in Lithuania - here you can find most important and popular events in Lithuania for all year round, also dates of all national hollidays

CepelinaiFood & Drink. Lithuania is famous for extremely delicious national potato dishes, homemade drinks and sweets. Because of cool climate lithuanians are used to eating more fat dishes than people in southern countries, however, that does not influence shape of local inhabitants.

Toy Basketballer SabonisFamous people. Here you can get acquaintend with the top historical leaders and artists visited the country as well as top those who ever brought the biggest honour to Lithuania.

LithuaniaRegions. Lithuania is divided into 5 main cultural regions that are Samogitia or Lower Lithuania (Žemaitija), Higer Lithuania (Aukštaitija), Suvalkija, Dzukija (Dzūkija) and  Lithuania Minor (Mažoji Lietuva).

Lithuanian PalmLithuanian art was always fostered. Many famous artists including painters, musicians, dancers, writers, sculptors, actors, directors were born in Lithuania and glamorized the country with number of impressive artworks.

Architectural Contrasts in VilniusArchitecture. In Lithuania there is a great number of churches, castles, old towns, entire open-air museums representing past lithuanian architecture and exclusive nowadays buildings in largest cities all are worth visiting undoubtedly.