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Sightseeings in Kaunas

Kaunas FortressKaunas fortress was a first class fortress at the end of 19 century, while at the time there were only few first class fortresses in whole world. Building of the fortress lasted for about 20 years and it when covered about 65 sq. km.

Devil museumDevils' museum is quite an untraditional museum where more than two thousand devils of various shapes, colors, sizes and materials are housed. It's the largest collection of devils in a single place in the whole world.

Kaunas CastleKaunas Castle is situated on the banks of rivers Neris and Nemunas. Kaunas Castle is a bit mysterious to archaeologists, as many facts about it remain unknown, but it’s believed, that Kaunas Castle was built in XIV century.

Bear in Kaunas ZooKaunas Zoo is well attended and loved by many people nowadays. It includes aproximatelly 2900 live exhibits varying from a little insect to a  huge bear. Visitors are able to acquaint with the animals as well as to enjoy marvelous natural surroundings at once.

Museum of RumšiškėsMuseum of Rumšiškės is an open air museum representing visitors the real past of various parts of Lithuania. Rumšiškės is an entire village including very artistic ancient homesteads.