Getting to Lithuania

How to get to Lithuania

Application for Schengen VisaInformation. Find out the information which is very important for those coming to Lithuania from out of Schengen area as well as for those who are citizens of countries joining the Schengen zone.

PlaneBy plane. The fastest and most secure way to reach Lithuania is by plane. The main aerodromes are in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. They have direct flights to all main cities in Europe. You can reach almost any bigger city in the world with just one change of plain.

Driving a carBy car. One of the most popular ways to reach Lithuania is by car. Lithuania has invested a lot in the quality of roads, and has a real advantage in this in compare to the nearest neighbours like Latvia or Poland.

By busBy bus. One more way of reaching Lithuania is by bus. It has direct routes to Germany, Poland, Italy, Belorussia, Czech Republic, Latvia and other nearest countries.

Rail RoadBy train. The other way is to arrive to Lithuania by train. It is more popular mean of transportation to the nearest nieghbours - Russia, Belorussia or Poland, but is also actively used by youth as a transportation via Europe.

By ferryBy ferry. The last way to get  to Lithuania is by ferry. It is not so popular here, but you can reach Lithuania by ferry from the nearest sea neighbours - Denmark, Sweeden, Germany