Food & Drink in Lithuania

Food & Drink in Lithuania

ZeppelinsCepelinai. The king of Lithuanian national food is a cepelinai - dish from potatoes, oval, tasty and pretty fat. Cooking perfect cepelinai requires experience and patience, but the result is worth the hardest attempt.

KugelKugelis is a well loved Lithuanian dish, which is pretty easy and cheap to cook. Warm, flavorful and fluffy dish delights everyone.

Potato SausagePotato Sausage is an extravagant Lithuanian dish of the category "How can they eat that?". Various nations have something untraditional - some eat frogs, others eat  worms. Lithuanians eat simple stuffed cleaned pig guts.

Cold Beetroot SoupCold Beetroot Soup is a dish best when it is hot outside. Soup not only refreshes, but lightly satiates too. You will not surfeit and will be full of energy after dinner.

Stuffed CabbageStuffed Cabbages are not only extremely delicious, but also improve the mood and atmosphere at home. Dish name "balandėliai" means little doves so the good temper of eating pretty birdies is guaranteed.