Festivals in Lithuania

Festivals in Lithuania

FilmFilm festivals. Lithuanians love good films. In order to satisfy the need, various film festivals are held. People are encouraged not only to watch the films but also to participate in creating ones of various genres. The best start for beginners is trying to make a one minute length film. 

Folk FestivalFolk festivals are often organized in Lithuania in order to remember and cherish Lithuanian national songs, dances and precedents. People of all ages enjoy the festivals happily listening to dreamy national melodies.

Kaunas Kaunas festivals. Kaunas city offers great variety of festivals for people to enjoy. Probably the most famous are Kaunas Jazz Festival and Classical Music festival in Pažaislis, but that iš not all possible occasions in Kaunas.

Sea FestivalKlaipėda festivals. It is not surprising that the greatest Sea festivals are arranged in Klaipėda annually as that is the only one harbor in Lithuania.

MusicMusic festivals. Various music festivals held annually attracts souls of people of all tastes and ages every year. Participating in music festivals is one of the best ways to relax and spend an undoubtedly meaningful time.

National Theatre, VilniusTheatre festivals. As Lithuanian theatre art is well developed, theatre festivals are annually held in many cities and towns in Lithuania. Many Lithuanians are addicted to acting so many realistic characters are created and fazes crowds every year.

Vilnius FestivalVilniaus festivaliai. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania so the annual festivals held there attract crowds of people every year. Varying from theatre and cinema to dance and music occasions Vilnius festivals are events really worth visiting.