Culture & Heritage in Lithuania

Culture & Heritage in Lithuania

Military heritage LithuaniaMilitary heritage of Lithuania covers period of 1.000  years. Most of the objects are from the very last centuries - such as World War II and Soviet times. Lithuania was one of the strategical places of Soviet Union as it was on the most Western border of it.


Pilgrimage. During centuries pilgrimage in Lithuania has developed a lot. There are some places in Lithuania well attended by believers from all over the world as the atmosphere of holiness has widely spread out.

Art GalleryArt galleries. If you are interested in arts, Lithuanian Art Galleries might offer you many exclusive artwork exhibitions. The exhibitions catch the attention of even seasoned ones. Many different artworks will absolutely amaze anyone.

Inside the Trakai CastleCastles. Tourists in Lithuania must definitely see at least one of amazing Lithuanian castles. Marvelous historic buildings are worth visiting as they are rich in interesting stories and inside expositions.

ChurchChurches. Travelling Lithuania is concurrent with visiting Lithuanian churches as they all are rich in diversity of architectural features and religious artworks exposed inside. The beauty of Lithuanian churches astonishes even the most fastidious waiters.

TV towerFamous buildings. You are welcome to get acquainted with the most famous buildings in Lithuania. Find out the unique Lithuanian estate symbols and know Lithuania closer.

Religious SymbolsJewish heritage. The North Jerusalem might be found in Lithuania. Old Jewry traditions naturalized during centuries in Lithuania and the Jewry nation established there substantially.

National Museum of LithuaniaMuseums in Lithuania is a great chance to know many subjects better than ever. The variety of museums is really wide as visitors can choose from simple Calendar museum to mysterious Sea museum.

Soviet Heritage, LithuaniaSoviet heritage. On the basis of Soviet Occupation, nowadays in Lithuania there have remained many historical relicts of Soviet heritage. The fact is that country suffered from the cruelty of Soviets a lot.

UNESCO, Curonian Spit, LithuaniaUNESCO World Heritage. Even 5 Lithuanian masterpieces are included into UNESCO World Heritage list. The unforgettable Vilnius Old Town, beautiful Curonian Spit, art of cross crafting, inimitable tradition of song and dance celebrations and Kernavė representing disappeared culture.