Churches in Lithuania

Churches in Lithuania

The Vilnius Cathedral Vilnius Cathedral is thought to be one of the most important symbols of Lithuanian capital. It is a magnificent prayer house keeping many  secrets in its catacombs and attracting visitors by its architecture.

St. Anne`s ChurchSt. Anne's Church is a church which will definitely leave an impression, maybe the same as it once left to Napoleon Bonaparte himself, who wanted to take it to Paris with him in the palm of his own hand if it were ever possible.

St. Peter and St. Paul`s ChurchSt. Peter and St. Paul`s church is a marvelous historic heritage of 17th century standing in Antakalnis, Vilnius. Its outside severity and inside serenity makes an impression and catches the attention of its visitors.

Church of Sts. JohnChurch of St. John is an outstanding architectural monument of baroque famous in all Europe. Visited by kings, dukes, even by pope John Paul II the church purports meaningful turns in local history, science and art.

Pažaislis Church and Monestary Pažaislis church and monastery ensemble is a beautiful baroque building, one of the most beautiful ones in all over Europe. This marvelous place in Kaunas attracts people for arts, music and beauty of Namunas river shore where it is located.

Church of St. CasimirChurh of St. Casimir is a marvelous monument of baroque in Vilnius which was founded by Jesuits order in the 17th century. Nowadays it still astonished many people permanently visiting it or simply passing by every day.

Šiauliai Cathedral Šiauliai Cathedral is an outstanding monument of renaissance in Lithuania. In addition, it is one of the most visited pilgimage sights once even visited by pope John Paul II.

Plunge churchChurch of St. John the Baptist in Plungė attracts everybody with its ideal architectural beauty. The church delights people already more than 80 years demonstrating the common historic two towers basilica type of neo – romanesque style.

Tytuvėnai Church and MonasteryTytuvėnai Church and Monastery is a unique architectural monument of baroque and gothic styles in North East Europe. Also it is an important pilgrimage center, thus is attracts boths - culture lovers and prayers from all over the world.

Trinapolis church and monasteryTrinapolis church and monastery is a distinguishing building located in Vilnius Verkiai regional park. Perfectly supplementing natural surroundings the Trinapolis ensemble is also one of Stations of Vilnius Kalvarija Cross Way.

Kaunas Michael the Archangel Church St. Michael the Archangel Church is better known as Kaunas sobor. It is located near the main Kaunas avenue and surprises visitors with its` grand architecture and a strange museum established in its` basement.

Church of St. CatherineChurch of St. Catherine is a marvelous baroque monument where visual and musical beauty guarantees best impressions for everyone coming here as a lover of architecture or music.