Castles in Lithuania

Castles in Lithuania

Gediminas towerGediminas Castle - built in about 1230 is one of the most famous castles of Lithuania. It's main tower is known as a symbol of Vilnius and Lithuania and is always included into tours around Vilnius city.

Kaunas CastleKaunas Castle is situated on the banks of rivers Neris and Nemunas. Kaunas Castle is a bit mysterious to archaeologists, as many facts about it remain unknown, but it’s believed, that Kaunas Castle was built in XIV century.

Klaipėda CastleKlaipėda castle is an implemented vision of some enthusiasts in Klaipėda. The old castle was successfully returned into nice museum full of interesting exhibits and past atmosphere.

Panemune CastlePanemunė castle is located on Nemunas river shore in surroundings of hilly relief and old park. It is one of the most visited sghts in Jurbarkas district.

Verkiai PalaceVerkiai Palace is a beloved sightseeing place in Vilnius. This is a marvelous building of classicism style inside which history is still alive. In addition, this is an unparalleled location for romantics and those who just want to hide from city rush.

The Raudonė Castle Raudonė castle is one of the main objects that Jurbarkas district is mostly proud of. Located in beautiful surroundings, the castle welcomes everyone looking for a nice shelter to relax.

Trakai Island Castle, Trakai Trakai Island Castle is the only castle in Eastern Europe surrounded by water on all four sides, also referred to as the ‘Little Marienburg.

Medininkai castleMedininkai castle is an outstanding monument of Lithuanian history. The castle is not explored yet thus it has many unrevealed secrets that atract hundreds of visitors.

Biržai CastleBiržai castle is a renaissance building which is the only one left bastion fort in Lithuania. What is more, it stands on the oldest Lithuanian pond known as Širvėnos lake. In the castle there is also a history museum established.

TuskulėnaiTuskulėnai Manor ant the Quiet park is an outstanding historical and architectural monument located on Neris river shore near Vilnius city center. Visitors here can get acquainted with newly renovated Manor buildings or tough Soviet times reminding Memorial complex.

Veliuona mound Veliuona is a very small town, but it always catches big attention as there are many interesting places to visit and many interesting stories to hear from local inhabitants, for example a story about the majestic Veliuona castle.