Art in Lithuania

Art in Lithuania

Cinema HallCinema. Lithuanian professional cinema is a significant branch of art in Lithuania. Despite pretty tough circumstancies many talented people create and delight Lithuanian and foreign films lovers with original films.

Music notesMusic. A very rich Lithuanian music world admires people for years. Listen to fantastic sounds of harmonized Lithuanian national songs or to some famous composers like Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis.

Taking PicturePhotography in Lithuania is an art where many different variations and themes can be found in context of daily life, emotions and the most important humanity topics.

Three Musas in VilniusTheatre is the art which is in the closest contact with the public. Only whached by other people it can be alive and it is alive in Lithuania thanks to many talented actors, directors and devoted spectators.

ReadingLierature. Lithuanian literature is a very rich and various artistic treasure. In Lithuanian public life it  appeared in the Middle Ages as a way to propagate nationalism and religion.

Lithuanian Folk DanceDance in Lithuania used to be an important ritual already in pagan times. The spirit of these early dances descended to later ethnographic moves and finally - to choreography and topic of nowadays visual art.

ArtApplied Art in Lithuania is one of the art branches that both is well developed and there is plenty of professional works to admire and to be proud of.