Tuskulėnai Manor and Quiet park

TuskulėnaiTuskulėnai Manor ant the Quiet park is an outstanding historical and architectural monument located on Neris river shore near Vilnius city center. Visitors here can get acquainted with newly renovated Manor buildings or tough Soviet times reminding Memorial complex.

Biržai Castle

Biržai CastleBiržai castle is a renaissance building which is the only one left bastion fort in Lithuania. What is more, it stands on the oldest Lithuanian pond known as Širvėnos lake. In the castle there is also a history museum established.

Raudonė Castle

The Raudonė Castle Raudonė castle is one of the main objects that Jurbarkas district is mostly proud of. Located in beautiful surroundings, the castle welcomes everyone looking for a nice shelter to relax.

Šiauliai Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

Šiauliai Cathedral Šiauliai Cathedral is an outstanding monument of renaissance in Lithuania. In addition, it is one of the most visited pilgimage sights once even visited by pope John Paul II.

Church of St. John

Church of Sts. JohnChurch of St. John is an outstanding architectural monument of baroque famous in all Europe. Visited by kings, dukes, even by pope John Paul II the church purports meaningful turns in local history, science and art.

Holocaust Exposition

The Green House of Holocaust expositionHolocaust exposition located in the so called Green House in Vilnius Old Town is a little museum telling about the Holocaust in Lithuania. It is one of the departments of Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum in Lithuania.

Tolerance Center

Toletance center Tolerance center is a department of Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum in Lithuania. It is a museum telling about severe times of Jewish genocide in Lithuania. Relicts, pictures, paintings, art works and other authentic exhibits remarkably reveal the real history.

The Cat Museum

A Lovely CatCat Museum is the one where good mood and joy never ends. Thousands of sweet catlike exhibits astonish everyone. It is a place were cats from various countries are brought together with love by hundreds of cat lovers from all over the world.

Paneriai Memorial Museum

Paneriai Memorial monumentPaneriai Memorial Museum is one of Jewish heritage monuments in Lithuania. It is located in an authentic place of former mass massacre where, according to historical sources, 70 000 Jews were killed as well as thousands of people of other nationalities.

Museum of Ancient Beekeeping

Beekeeping MuseumMuseum of Ancient Beekeping located in Stripeikiai village, National park of Aukštaitija is a unique museum of its type in Lithuania. People here can get aquainted with myths, traditions and lifes of bees and beekeepers.

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