The Museum of Orvydai Homestead

Orvydai HomesteadOrvydai homestead is an open air museum where visitors may see many sculptures, impressive compositions made of boulders, old stems and other untraditional exhibits brought there in 30 years.


Way to ZarasaiZarasai is a beautiful town called the Land of Lakes. It is famous for number of objects of nature and cultural heritage as well as for its active social life which resounds Zarasai as an initiative, welcoming and modern town.


KernavėKernavė is an outstanding example of historical heritage in Lithuania. The town is included into UNESCO World Heritage list as a unique and remarkable place symbolizing dissapeared culture and civilization.

Ventė Cape (Horn)

Ventė HornVentė Cape is a unique corner of nature where many people and even more birds find the breathtaking beauty. On of the most imprtant ornithlogical stations is established there as the place is ideal for quiet and mysterious birds life.


Veliuona mound Veliuona is a very small town, but it always catches big attention as there are many interesting places to visit and many interesting stories to hear from local inhabitants, for example a story about the majestic Veliuona castle.


Varniai, LithuaniaVarniai is a little town in Samogitia (Žemaitija) famous for its history, Theological Seminary and friendly local inhabitants always ready to help the tourists and to tell a lot about their loved place they live in.

Mosėdis Stone Museum

Mosėdis Stone MuseumMuseum of Rare stones is an authentic exposition in the North West of Lithuania offering a great improvement of cultural and educational experience as well as having unussual rest while admiring spectacular nature.

Museum of Rumšiškės

Museum of RumšiškėsMuseum of Rumšiškės is an open air museum representing visitors the real past of various parts of Lithuania. Rumšiškės is an entire village including very artistic ancient homesteads.


ŠventojiŠventoji is an old fishermen settlement established on the Šventoji river shore and the Baltic sea coast.  It is a calm and cosy family resort well liked by those who prefer quiet vacation in chalets or camps.

Hill Of Crosses

Hill of CrossesHill Of Crosses is probably the most attractive pilgrimage center in Lithuania. Visitors here can have a unique chance to see real art crafts there as cross crafting is a unique lithuanian art branch included into UNESCO World Heritage list.

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